Coming Up Tall (DCA)

Everyone has had those moments in your life where you just don’t make it. Whether it’s just missing the metro (subway for those not from DC), just missing a time you wanted to beat in a race, or not being tall enough to ride Space Mountain. Some people call that coming up short. Today, I/we came up tall. Let me explain:

PR week is the last Wednesday of the month. This means we race it out, put it all on the line, and try to beat our personal best from previous months. Running 1,513 stairs ain’t easy. It’s tough work and no matter how fast you are, it never gets easy. Today, PR week for September (can you believe it already? Where did summer go? Seriously), I missed a PR by 12 seconds. November Project DCA missed the mark of 500 people by only a few. But here’s the thing: we didn’t come up short. We came up tall. Call it a silver lining, looking on the bright side, staying positive, whatever you want, but this is something we should all adopt in our day to day lives. I may have missed a PR by a small margin, but I got to race it out with hundreds of other people that share the same mentality as me: Fitness should be fun, free, and fun. Did I say fun twice? Yeah I did. Because at NP, you’ll have twice as much fun as anywhere else in the city. So did we miss the 500 mark? Sure. But you’re still at DisneyWorld. I’m getting metaphors confused here but either way, this community is amazing, full of happy, excited people, and will never cease to impress me.




THURSDAY, TOMORROW, SEPT. 25th, 7PM, Meridian Hill Park (SOUTH SIDE): Evening workout with Sweetgreen. Hundreds of newbies. Let’s show them how we party.

FRIDAY: FDR Memorial , 6:28AM. Get ready to #EARNYOURWEEKEND

SUNDAY, Meridian Hill Park, 7PM: Tagging Party. Bring your gear and a can of flat black spray paint so we can tag it up for the coming months.



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