Howdy, Partner

No matter if today was your first November Project DC work out, or your 50th, you know we are about community.

Today’s workout was centered on partnership. We had partners for the bounce, for the egg hunt, for the line up. What we saw happening this morning was a heart-warming mix… people partnering up with long-time buddies and people partnering with friends they met for the first time today. Evidence of this is perfectly captured in the 15 or so selfies that sprung up from those plastic eggs.


Hopefully, as you were planking, laughing, sweating and rolling around in the morning dew on the grass of the National Mall you realized that you probably could have partnered up with anyone in the tribe who #justshowedup this morning, and had just as good of a time.

NP_DC, and the 16 other tribes are packed with good people. They’re folks from an astounding range of backgrounds and interests. But, importantly, all share the common desire to get out of a comfy bed at a ridiculous hour of the morning to get their blood pumping. These are people who love life, and are not just spectators. Embrace them, and seek out others who may be on the same wave length. Because as the tribe gets stronger, more positivity goes out into the universe. And it’s hard to do that alone.

#CanOfChuzi was, and IS, a partnership that amplified the vibe. We had more fun than either of us probably expected as we babysat this week… and we both expected to have a total fucking blast.

This week was also built on the partnerships we have with everyone in the Tribe. Each workout was designed with input from others. From the awesome stencil (Bateman, you rock) to helping us watch the stuff, submitting pictures, giving us confidence and #justshowingup, you guys made this week doable and truly awesome. Thank you.

So, let’s recap. Today we:

1. Crushed an awesome egg hunt workout in partner pairs. There were burpees, there were planks, there was silly stuff like singing the noise your alarm makes and reciting the pledge of allegiance facing the beautiful Capitol.
2. Made new friends and bonded with old ones, all while making the best asses in DC even better. Now THAT’S partnership.
3. #EarnedOurWeekends.

This week was amazing for so many reasons. As many of you yelled today, WE LOVE THIS CITY, and we love you guys.

#CanofChuzi OUT (..but we’ll be back).

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