Brooklyn, We Came Hard (NYC)

The title of this post just came to me today.  It came hard.  And guess what? Today at the workout, we came harder.  Why? Because Brooklyn, we go hard.  And today was no exception.  Once you leave your base camp of Manhattan and start traveling and exploring this magical city and you will find some pretty cool shit.  Today in Brooklyn, we found that and more.   I mean two dudes just ran by and then showed up. Pretty rad.

We thought that the first workout in Brooklyn was going to be OK.  Maybe even a few people would show-up; those brave souls that have been traveling all over Manhattan to come and see what November Project is all about.  Well today took those expectations and threw them out the door! The presence was incredible.  The vibe was strong.  We even hear there were pancakes.  The Tribe Loves Brooklyn, and Brooklyn Loves The Tribe.

Under the watchful eyes of Blue Ivy, Bey, and Hova, we worked our asses off for 25 minutes.  The High-5 pushups, the burpees, the lunges, all just pushing harder and hard.  They said you’re crazy for this one guys, HOVA.   We had a Threat while we got all that Dirt Off Your Shoulders.  At one point, during our Moment of Clarity, we all thought about December 4th.  After we Change Clothes during the Encore.  The Allure of this city, even you Justify My Thug, all you can think about is Lucifer.  What More Can I Say? The Black Album, that’s whats up.



HOMEWORK: Make three real phone calls recruiting someone to the workout on Wednesday.  And we mean REAL phone calls.  Not skype, not a text, and no FaceTime.  Person to Person contact over the phone.


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