Tribe, meet 8Mile.

Where to begin. I met JD at a local running store’s Monday night run club. First impression, nice dude, southern manners, can beast Mt. Soledad with the best of them.

I stood on my bench, made my November Project hype speech, dropped an unexpected (they didn’t know me that well yet) f-bomb or two, and then anxiously awaited Wednesday morning to see who would show up. JD. Only recruit. Fuck yeah.

Fast forward many months of consistent Wednesdays, a Monday or two, and a forever remembered (and probably regretted) mentioning of being nicknamed “Eminem” in high school, and we have 8Mile. One of the most consistent and positive tribe members.

In his own (lyrically gifted but unfortunately not rapped) words:

​I was recently humbled to receive the positivity award at the San Diego November Project workout. There are so many people that motivate me at our workouts and I hope that I can be of some encouragement to others. After receiving the oar handle that represents the positivity award I was asked to write about what November Project means to me.
​I used to be in the active duty Marines and got out a few years ago to go to school. I’m still in the reserves, but one of the things that I miss most about the Marines was the camaraderie you get when you are rolling around in wet grass before the sun is up doing some ridiculous workout. It may sound odd to the uninitiated, but once you do that with friends you’ll find yourself having the time of your life and coming back for more.
​It does’t matter who you are, but you can always get more out of yourself if others are there to push you. I get that at November Project and I love it. There is a story I’ve heard countless times in the Marine Corps that reminds me of November Project. The story goes that there is a small sergeant who has a squad of Marines. This Sgt. is small, I’m talking Muggsey Bogues small. This Sgt. takes his squad for a hike up some crazy steep mountain. Despite his small stature he never lets up and is in the lead the whole way to the top. No one ever passes him, because they can’t keep up. After he takes them to the top and then back again an officer asks him how was he able to pull all those guys up the mountain. He responded that he didn’t pull anyone up the mountain and that he was pushed the whole way by his Marines.
​At November Project we’re all pushing each other to get the best out of each other. It’s a great feeling to be apart of something bigger than yourself and that is exactly what November Project it. Just show up! You won’t regret it!


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