How I will miss thee (YWG)

One person in particular is really taking the advice “skip like a 4 year old child” to heart.

This morning was my last workout with the tribe for a few weeks and boy was it ever beautiful. For our second week in a row now we eclipsed the 100 person mark, this thing grows with each conversation, tweet, post, like etc. Every person who joins us is equally a part of what has been created, Rick and I are simply the two weirdos who make shit up and yell a bit more often.


I will be travelling for the next 3 workouts and I will miss you all immensely. I will miss the new faces, the hugs, and the looks of exhaustion, elation and excitement. You will of course be in excellent hands and maybe I will even send over a workout picture. . . you won’t even have to know that it will be from the coast of France.

The person I will not miss that much is Graeme Young. Don’t get me wrong, he is a sweet dude, he reps the gear, promotes NP with pride and is an amazing part of our tribe. The reason I will not miss him is because I never truly see him; I am always running around trying to catch him and he is just too damn fast. Damnit Graeme, all I want is to spend some quality time. But NOOOO, you are too busy “running 22 min 6Ks”, “winning races on the weekends”, “setting course PR day records” and training for your “sub-3 marathon” (did you read that with little imaginary air quotes over each phrase? Good, that was the intent)

Maybe one day we will hang out, but I get the feeling that will depend on me getting a lot faster. Congratulations on the positivity award! You sir, deserve a big hug and a fuck yeah! Keep it up.

Tom (and Rick)

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