Stair Recipe (YEG)

I was told that our blogs need to be out before lunch because people get upset when they don’t have any lunchtime reading. Working on a deadline is rough. Not sure how journalists do this. This was easily the most deceiving stair workout we have done. If you came from the west, you saw a few small staircases spread out. If you parked on Grierson Hill, you had a few stair cases to the bottom. It didn’t seem too bad at first. But when you went to the east staircase, you make it up to what you think is the top, and then you have an even bigger set to climb. If that wasn’t enough, you were forced to dodge a hoard of cyclists. I’m sure that anyone reading the newspaper that early would not be able to have do it peacefully. While tracking down a “stolen bicycle” this morning was a hilight for me, my favourite part was seeing everyone in blue. Next time you give someone a hug, make sure it’s extra tight, and 7 seconds long.

Take a tough workout, add in a beautiful view, and mix it with the best people in Edmonton and you have what we call November Project Canada. #baking

Tomorrow we will be presenting at Pecha Kucha at Louise McKinney Park. It is an 18+ event. We’re going to be talking about something… we’re not sure what that something is yet.

Friday, we are at Louise McKinney Park AGAIN for hills. See you there!

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