How high can PHL fly?

As the calendar marks almost a full year since November Project Philadelphia began its very first pledge workouts, it’s an appropriate time to pause and reflect.  The explosion of fitness, community and fellowship that has occurred over the past 12 months in our group and city has been nothing short of remarkable.  People who have never before worked out are now pushing themselves to set, best and shatter physical goals.  Seasoned athletes are challenging themselves and others to PR in different races at different distances.  Old and young are racing faster and getting fitter for free.  All members are questioning the abrasive Philadelphia stereotype by asking one another to become more connected, more positive and more aware of the community around them.  Hearing stories from people about how November Project has impacted their lives have been touching and truly inspiring.  Seeing the friendships and bonds forged through our Tribe are just as moving.

The truth is, we are a sum of our collective parts and the magic behind this movement are the people who show up to our workouts.  The people who fight through snooze buttons, comfy pillows and polar vortices (plural…maybe).  The people who make a concerted effort to put themselves out there, to meet new people who are both similar and completely different from themselves.  The people who indulge our weird, quirky and often made up directives in the wee hours of the dark morning.  So this post is in part a thank you, to all the people who make up this wonderful group.


The balance of this post is a request.  A request, prompted in part by DG, the fearless co-leader of our Milwaukee Tribe and in part by co-founders BG and Bojan.  This thing created in Boston by two dudes and now spreading across North America (and the World) is good.  What started as a simple workout rooted in accountability and friendship has morphed into a movement of people who are rethinking the way they approach their lives, social relationships and fitness regimens.  Tell more people about what is going on Wednesday and Friday mornings here in Philly.  Tell the people who have been saying they want to come but can’t.  Tell people you’ve never met before.  As we attempt to achieve our #3014 goal before the close of 2014, the simple ask is this: can you go out into your communities, friends, social networks, yoga studios, work circles, coffee shops, bars, etc. and tell people about what is going on…?


So the question remains…how high can we fly? How many Philadelphians can we get in motion for FREE?  I suspect that if given the chance, countless more would hop on board.  And to our friendly neighbors to the north, November Project Canada — we heard hockey preseason started. No chance you are getting 200.


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