Simon Says…

Today we decided to take the tribe on a trip down memory lane to  the good ole days. And how better to do that than with some school yard games, and so we decided everyone needed to play a little Simon Says. Y’all remember Simon Says right? Its where you tell people to do things but you have to say “Simon Says” first. If they do what you tell them and you didn’t say “Simon Says”..Well then you get hit with a penalty. And being the group that we are, our penalty was…wait for it….BURPEES!! Never would have guessed that would ya? (Sucks for the tribe when the co-leaders learn what you hate the most!) Simon made people do everything from running sprints and skipping hand in hand to sit ups, squats and lunges. We figured since recess only last about 20 minutes that we would only make everyone play for that long.


We then took a little break, snapped some photos, and demonstrated some partner workouts. Everyone completed leg throws, planking relay, hoisties and last but not least….Romantic Speed Skating! You will be hard pressed to find a better way to get to know someone knew than by holding sweaty legs and air kissing them while you work out. We hope you all find the humor in them as much as we do!


We want to congratulate Caitlyn on wining the #PositivityAward this morning. She always shows up with a smile and kicks her own ass!


To all the newbies today,

Thanks for coming! We can’t grow without people like you. Spread the work and bring your Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Boss, Mailman next Wednesday to help us reach our goal of #3014 and #WorldTakeover.

Most important lesson of today from the school yard…Simon Says to #RecruitEveryone!

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