Hands to Elbows…I Mean Knees (BOS)

Recipe to beat the case of Mondays while meeting new friends:

– Set your alarm to early:00.
– Poop.
– Put some clothes on, strap on some shoes and start running to a #DestinationDeck location (brushing teeth is optional).
– Make sure that you arrive at the location before 6:30AM.
– Bounce.
– Hug.
– Bounce some more.
– Scream some profanities.
– Jog over to the soccer field.
– Find a partner and run a lap around the soccer field.
– Do some jumping jacks.
– Make sure that you 6 jumping jacks while everyone else is doing 5.
– Line up on the long side of the field.
– While one partner is doing burpees, hands-to-the-elbows (or knees as they’re known in Serbian language), and situps, the other partner is sprinting the full width of the soccer field.
– Switch.
– Switch.
– Switch until 15 minutes runs out.
– Give yourself a sweaty hug.
– Give a friend a sweaty hug.
– Drop a double Birthday Boom. Twice!
– Take a group photo.
– Run home.
– Start the rest of your day and recruit the shit out of anyone that you see.
– Talk smack until Wednesday workout.

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