House of Cards Premieres at SF Workout

Any workout that ends with a plank-off between Pete Kruse and Ben Fox is a successful workout in my opinion. Mark it off the list! Check! Congratulations to all the plank-off contestants, particularly the winner Pete. You have inspired us all to go home and attempt an 8 minute plank. I am actually planking while writing this post. Which is why it shall be a short one.

Today the tribe was challenged to bring a friend to Alamo Square. Turns out, only about half the tribe has friends. This is probably why we are here, isn’t it? Minutes later, the tribe dashed to the four corners of the park where Laura preemptively placed over 500 playing cards marked with exercises to perform, either solo, or with the friend you brought. As if having no friends wasn’t already bad enough, we made the singles complete double the reps of the pairs. Harsh.



 Our neighbors around Alamo Square have reached out to us to please lower the noise in the morning. And because we love our city, this includes the people that sleep in it, so people let’s make a much stronger effort to speak in indoor voices every week. Laura will continue with her girl scout fingers, as for some odd reason that is the most effective.

FRIDAY: Lover’s Lane and Lyon Street Steps. Stairs and hills for Valentine’s Day, babay! Meet at Lyon Street and Greenwich St at 6:24 AM!

P.S. I would like to thank my man friend, Connor, for helping me write out 550 “sit ups”, “push ups” and “other assorted squat” cards last night. You are a gem, the Emilie to my Bojan. (Can this count as my Valentine’s Day card/gift?)

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