Franz Klammer Oly Workout

Contrary to what Bob Costas tells you, the Olympics aren’t only about roses and teddy bears. The true Olympic quest is about sacrificing your body, lifestyle, and sanity through a stubborn dedication toward ones passion. Even then, after years of focus and preparation, a fraction of a second in a competition can make or break your Olympic dreams. That is what makes the Olympics a spectacle to watch and truly inspirational.

Speaking of inspiration, I’ve opened the Olympic history books to introduce you to an Austrian ski legend who’s character and true grit were rewarded in the 1976 Olympics. Watch this race and you’ll see raw stamina and bravery as the Kaiser, Franz Klammer, barrels his way to a gold medal on his home soil in Austria.

In the spirit of the Russian Olympiad, the Denver tribe, outfitted in our country’s colors, worked our butts off for 40-minutes with Franz Klammer style work ethic. The workout focused on developing brute strength, exhausting the body, and having little time to recover.  After a solid cardio hammering on the amphitheater steps, we divided into four stations to jump, push, and climb our teams to victory. Just like Franz in his downhill tuck for 2-minutes, we pushed our bodies to their limits. Today you put your body on the line for your sport, for your country, and for your community.

Proud of you,
Flanniel BITUSA

See yall on Valentines day for some hill lovin at Gov’s Park, 6:15A.

Todays Competitors:

Alli Bell

Claire O’Neill

Katelyn Jones

Kaitlin “Smooth Moves” Wallace

Christina Maggio

Andrew Cooley

Dustin Waite

Jessica Trostel

Eric Lazzari

Elyse is back bitch!

Stacy’s Mom


Will Knight

Riley Bright

Dave Miller (NPBOS)



Aaron Epps

Chad Christoff

Nichole Lindquist

Virginia Sanders

Laura Grimm

Erin Larsen (NPSF)

Nick Miller

Meghan Houlihan

Chris Lutz

Troy Coleman

Jess “Rocky” Malone

Jillian Foss

Paul Rhode

Christine Amerosano <- POSITIVITY AWARD

Julia Griffith

Yanina Trejo

Adam Benz

Jason Antin

Jenny Parkison

Emmy the Great

Luke Cunningham

Katie Remdawg


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