We are very proud of the members who nailed the workout to the pavement this morning in Brookline. As you know, the work was 5 total trips up Summit Ave for time. Because the past two Friday sessions leading up to today were aimed at doing more volume, we were pushing to post many new PR’s and we did. Congrats for those of you who are seeing the week to week improvements and continue to come back for more.

This weekend you have your first homework assignment. It’s very simple and, in true November Project style, you have a due date: Between now and our #DestinationDeck, Monday at 6:30AM, your homework is to let November Project know of your proudest workout or moment in motion. Essentially, what will you do this weekend that you want to share with the group? Take photos, give us your result, tell us about your team, or just give us a one liner about. Two rules: You can only highlight one workout/activity. You must post to the NP Facebook wall before the due date. No Tweets.

This homework is designed to have our members see into the active lives outside of the MON, WED, FRI routine and we’d all love to further connect through this #grassroots #community driven tribe. Think of this as more of a show and tell, rather than a “who did the most badass workout. If you don’t submit your homework by Monday at 6:30am you’ll have to do 1 minute long plank on each ace in the deck after you complete 14 sit-ups or pushups.

Again, great work to those of you who PR’d in the hills. As our friend Dean says, “Keep Charging!”

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3 Replies to “#HomeworkAssignment”

  1. I ran 3 continuous miles this morning at a 12:25 pace. That’s a huge victory for me! My ankles held up (I have a weak right ankle and partially tore my left achilles a few years back) and no asthma attack. I feel STRONG!

  2. We are taking times for those who did the assigned workout and will continue to take down names of those who were there and did a different workout.

    Good to hear you’re back in action Karlsie. Keep getting faster.

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