The Best Day Ever

November Project staff has a tendency to shell out bold statements, like “we’ll get @nov_project tattoos if we hit 250+ people on Friday” (looks like that might be happening), or “our friend and a London Olympian, Will Miller is more handsome than Tom Brady” (ladies you be the judges). But today we firmly stand behind the statement that “Today was the best day ever!”. Now, before my wife starts getting mad about me saying that a workout day trumps our wedding day, honeymoon, and many other best days ever that we had during our wonderful 3.5 years of marriage, I want to add a disclaimer that today was the best day in the short history of November Project. Three and a half months ago we opened this workout group to the public with 4 people (including 2 Co-Founders) and we’ve grown to 175+ attendees that showed up today. Let me repeat that… in three and a half months we went from 4 to 175+ people running the stadium on Wednesdays. It’s all thanks to you, the NP tribe that’s been nonstop #RecruitingMoreRacers, talking about NP at work, and random folks on the street. We wouldn’t be able to do it without it you.

But our “The Best Day Ever” statement is not all about the attendance numbers. Today the overall energy felt different. It seemed like we had extra hop in our step, it seemed like we were running faster, doing more sections… We even had more people sticking around for the group shot even though we know that you need to be at work/school/class. We had wonderful group of humans showing up to do their workout early so they can help with #GrassrootsGear production. Some folks came to help out as soon as their workout was over. Massive thanks to everyone – we wouldn’t be able to pull it off without you!

One would attribute the energy to the beautiful weather, or the #GrassrootsGear hype, or the large attendance, which are all playing significant part. But we think that our tribe finally developed a sense of strong community that supports and pushes each other while getting stronger, faster, healthier. So keep #RecruitingMoreRacers, continue spreading the good word, and proudly showcase your new official NP apparel at your next workout, race, BBQ or a black-tie event.

If you didn’t catch this energy thing at all, it’s possible that we’re just high from inhaling spray paint for 30 minutes straight in which case completely ignore previous 3 paragraphs. See you all on Friday!

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20 Replies to “The Best Day Ever”

  1. I was there for 33 sections in 35:00 today and I have the gear to prove it. #sweatyhands #chickenscratch #grassrootsgear

  2. Ahhh I put mine on a missing clipboard as well. Maybe my handwritting was not legible. Either way, I did all 37 sections in 41:15. My first whole tour this year! Can’t wait for next week!

  3. Hey Nov Project,

    I did 53 flights in 35 min with Sara W, I think I signed in right below her on the sheet too, but I got skipped! (may have been sweaty and unreadable) Great job with the shirts today!


  4. Thanks so much for the great workout and the shirt! I put my name on the clipboard but I don’t see myself on the list. 18 sections in 30 minutes. My first stadium workout, can’t wait to try again next week. –Abby

  5. I put my info on the clip board but was not on here either! First time doing H stadium since my NU rowing days and it felt great!! 18 in 30. Can’t wait to beat that next week!

  6. i loved doing the november project harvard stadium run for the first time this past wednesday!!! i did 30 sections in 30 minutes…totally stoked and ready to beat my last time this week. push harder, faster, stronger…get results, get stoked!

  7. I did the November Project for the first time on August 8th and and I didn’t make it onto the record from the clipboard. I did 8 sections in 10 minutes. Thanks

  8. Also on the missing clipboard were my new NP recruit Rocky K. and I, she clocked 23 in 35′ in her first go and I slid in one extra at the end for 24 in 35′

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