What Poop!?

As I was shooting photos this morning, an MBTA bus driver and his buddy were checking us out. They were so jealous of our awesomeness that they start making snarky comments about how they wouldn’t lay in the grass at Copley Sq. as they see all kinds of “activities” going down on that lawn. What those haters don’t know is that half our tribe was covered in some sort of crap this weekend ranging from gunk from the Charles River, Spartan race mud, or the bleeding spray paint that was far from drying. Oh, did I mention that our last week’s destination deck was done on what is now dubbed #GoosePoopDock? Bottom line is, if you are not down with getting little dirty, than you’re not #Grassroots enough, and NP is just not for you. Luckily it seemed like everyone had a blast this morning so I don’t think that getting dirty will be a problem going forward. Great job everyone.


Full tour; 37 sections. Our last few stadium workouts were designed for more volume so we can start building towards that last PR Wednesday of the month. The purpose of this workout will be to see how your training has improved and where you stand two weeks before the PR Pizza Day.


We are still polishing location details on very exclusive yoga class brought to you by Goldie Kaufenberg. Stay tuned for more info.


We meet in hills to finish off amazing week of work. #RiseAndShine #RiseAndGrind


For 6+ workouts, you get free New Balance kicks. If we see you at every single workout in August you get $100 on top of free shoes for a shopping spree at New Balance store on Boylston.

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  1. I’m sure I finished somewhere between 16 and 17 minutes, and Bojan can probably confirm that, but I didn’t have my own watch so the questionmark stays.

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