Hills hills hills hills…


We eat hills for breakfast.  Fuck the Cheerios, give me some some hills to start my day.  And oh what a beautiful day it is.

Today is one of those days where you wake up and if you’re like me, you feel the cool morning breeze from an open window next to the bed.  These mornings, there seems to be sunlight as early as I want to get up, no matter what time it is.  And the outdoors beckons me.  I want to be outside, in the world.  I want to feel the ground flying beneath my feet as I run (fuck yeah, running!!!).  And I want to feel the sun on my face as it rises higher in the sky, offering warmth and the promise that the cold of winter is truly behind us.  I want to feel the adventure that is moving about the city (or wherever I am) and discovering the other people who, like me, are out.

Today is one of those days when you hear Deniz describe the workout: “Full hills” and you smile thinking about the simple pleasure that is busting your ass down the big front hill, and working your tail off to get back up it…then gliding down the back side of the hill, tapping your fingers on the light pole to make that perfect “ting” sound, and then cruising up the hill again.  And then you repeat.  Simple, straightforward, and a beautiful combination of “shit, that’s hard” and “I love this” to get you feeling good good good for your Friday.

(if you want to tell the world how many hill repeats you did, now is a super awesome time to do it.  Instead of taking a ultra-filtered IG photo of your breakfast of food today, just post your breakfast of hill repeats number.  I hear this alternative kind of post is trending.)

And because WE ARE NOVEMBER PROJECT we celebrate birthdays, we celebrate people coming to NP for the first time and moving to other tribes of NP, and we generally celebrate being badass awesome people who make the world better place through our #community and free free #freefitness.

Today is one of those days when we look around at the tribe and smile.  We were beckoned by the call of the sunshine, the outdoors, the hugs, and the HILLS to #JustShowUp. We’re glad you (and we) are here.

Monday will be better than ok. The weather forecast says no snow. And the tracker says Destination Deck will be next to the Charles River in a grassy area not too far away from Harvard. We may have been there before and I like to call it the Poop Deck.  It’s in the Brighton region, and well, just #verbal now and get the exact location.  Stop making excuses for Mondays and commit to the Run-Deck-Run.  It’s what’s for summer.

Keep changing the world NP.  #TheTribeIsStrong

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