Last of the bridge tours!


Well the last bridge tour, we rocked it on the Prince’s Island Pedestrian bridge, and when we weren’t doing a thousand burpee’s or sprinting forever, we high fived, hugged, and cheered people walkin, biking, jogging to work, think it was a hump day that every pedestrian will remember. It was great, people who were annoyed that we were there, got the best of the high fives, and were somewhat reluctant to take a free hug, what can you do?!

Ok, so we took a deck of cards, we used some chalk, and bam, we had a workout, harder though, cause you would have to sprint to the spot you were going to do the actual burpee, jumpover, hills, planks, and even more sprints. Lets just say it was amazing, and everyone crushed it!

We have a few things to announce, one, this weekend is the Calgary Marathon, and in true NP style, lots of us will be running, and then of course bouncing. Here’s the kicker, if you haven’t done up a shirt to get sprayed yet, bring it to work tomorrow, lets meet after work and get it done! Meet at the top of the memorial stairs at 5pm tomorrow, and lets have a lil paint party! Another house keeping item, we will be doing pop up workouts on Fridays for the month of June, if the numbers grow, we may keep it, otherwise, it could just be something special for a month, so bring everyone you know, and lets make Friday’s real….location will be up on all the fun social media sites soon. Last but not least we are going home, Wednesdays are back at Shaw Millenium Skate Park….Can’t wait for those loops again, the beats in the middle of some sick boarding ramps, most importantly, all of you to show up!

Ok, here it is, lets get real, right now, we are going to talk ‘positivity’, what that means in November Project, and what that means in Calgary. Every Wednesday we pull out this stick, that any new face look at us….like wtf? Then, they see ‘November Project’, then Calgary, AB, CA….then they hear the history, the story, and everyone looks to see who is going to get it that week. The best part is, we are all truly happy for the person who gets it, and we get to see something in that person, and its kinda indescribable, and I am not about to try, lets keep that for each person whom receives this award.

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015; this award was giving out to someone who shows up on time, they are always smiling, they cheer people on with high fives and ‘good jobs’, and sometimes so quiet, you wonder if he’s actually talking. He goes the extra step, or the extra set of push ups, because he test’s is own limits everytime he shows up. Get this, he bakes too, and brings gluten cupcakes for everyone! He is Strong, He is Fierce, he is Stealth, he is a Neil, and he is November Project Calgary.

This is a picture of a new face, who is now a new favorite!

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