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Here in the District, we like to move (see above photo). We’re down with Michelle (Obama if that isn’t clear, but duh, she’s our homegirl) and her Let’sMove campaign. We like that Mayor Bowser is all about getting DC up and moving in her FitDC campaign. And every MWF November Project DC is moving through the streets, parks, parking garages, etc. of the nation’s capital. What I’m wondering is when Michelle and Muriel (hope they don’t mind me using their first names) and the rest of our elected officials are going to join us. We’re basically providing the road (more like freeway) to a healthier city/country through the positive community, connections, and movement. Giving the next generation motivation, ideas, and the means to a fitter and more positive future STARTS with THIS generation. The good news is, we welcome ALL generations at NP.

Now is the time to get involved. Sure, we make #NEWS in Phoenix with a Pop-Up workout and maybe later this year there will be 25 cities in movement with us. If you feel like you’re late to the bandwagon (mixing metaphors, don’t care), YOU’RE NOT. No matter when you #JustShowUp, you are getting in on the ground floor of this positive, free, and fit community. So not only is it time to get involved, it’s time to bring out all your friends, coworkers, and that random person you hit it off with at the bar. LET’S MAKE SOME NEWS. This is for EVERYONE so tell EVERYONE and recruit EVERYONE.


Let’s fill the steps of Lincoln with people. Let’s get Michelle and Muriel out there. Let’s get your state senator or congressman/congresswoman out there. Use FB, Twitter, and if you still have it, MySpace. If this thing is as good as you think, then you might as well tell people about it. Don’t let them miss out.

This is my personal message to Michelle and Muriel: #JustShowUp and see how we’re changing the WORLD.

P.S. Michelle, feel free to bring Barack and the girls. We think they’d like it too.

Monday we’re back at Meridian. 6:30AM. #WakeTheDistrict (like ninjas). Bring A shirt to tag.



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