Hills In The Fog, Sun Or Snow Are Still Hard As F***

by Laura

NPSF trekked to the Marina this morning for some stair/hill/vomit action. Gorgeous sunrises are coveted here in San Francisco, but there is also an eerie beauty in running on trails through the fog. Two newbies joined the tribe, along with a Bostonian who took a cab across the country to join us. She made it with seconds to spare (phew). We worked our fucking asses off this morning (well, Laura didn’t) and can gladly say that we earned our weekend. Next week’s lineup: Wednesday at Alamo Square Park, Friday at Twin Peaks (intersection to come), Saturday RECRUITING PAPERS partay. Peace and Love, my peoples.

by Nadim

Edmonton tribe is so technically savvy that they’re writing their own posts now… We’ll get there soon.

by DG, TG, LG, KG

Our magnificent group of 60 something this morning raising our State Street Shuffle champ. It was cold but it was SUNNY!! Beautiful morning full of beautiful people.

by Bojan

While BG was away chasing princesses and unicorns in his skinny jeans and $100 haircut, we were chasing wild turkeys in the hills of Brookline while the sun was dropping some serious golden tones on our camera lens. To see what I’m talking about, check out our facebook page.

On Monday we’re continuing our Baller November series by meeting in Mission Hill at McLaughlin Playground. This is a run-deck-run workout so plan acordingly.

And don’t forget to vote for Morgan Brown. Weekend Earned!

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