Baller November, the October stunt where we visited one Boston area college each week, came and went leaving us with a few puffy-eyed-20-year-old recruits. It’s impressive that not a single of those young minds is capable of attending an 8am class but they are more than happy to get up before 6am to roll on the wet grass and enjoy the sunrise. But who are we to judge…

To follow the pattern of monthly #DestinationDeck themes we are announcing that the month of November shall be, as the blog title suggesteth, called Baller November. It has been foretold that every Monday during this, the eleventh month of the 2013 AD, shall be located at on court for basketballs in ye olde Boston. Why basketball courts maistow asked? Why the fucketh not!? Glad we had that conversation.

We kicked off the month with the meet-up at Riverside Press Park where after some warmups, sprints, and suicides, we banged out a twenty minute circuit that among other things involved short wall jumps, sumo squats and a lot of yelling. This morning was weird. This morning was awesome!

If you know any cool, interesting, secluded basketball courts, drop your suggestions in the comments below and we may add them to the mix.

Happy Monday!

p.s. keep in mind that modern English is my second language so before you start mocking my paragraph long attempt at Middle English, I’ll cut you off right now and tell you that thy vile canker-blossom’d countenance curdles milk and sours beer.

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  1. At the Morse School in Cambridge by Memorial/Magazinet by the BU Bridge. There’s also a baseball field right next door if you wanna branch baller into nother American ball sport.

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