A King and Queen are crowned

All hail the King and Queen of the Burpees!!


After a “short” 5-minute (you can do anything for 5 minutes – right?!) set of burpees, Tyler and Judy were crowned King and Queen of the Burpees! & like any good Queen, Judy one-upped Tyler hammering in 101 burpees to his 100!! Everyone who accepted the challenge (which was pretty much all of you) did AWESOME!! Were you cursing Jen’s encouraging teacher voice at all??? you’re probably all still hearing it in your head this morning…but she doesn’t mind…she can probably do that all day! Some suggest a leader competition…hmmmm…
And then after all of that fun it was time to hit the hill!! Up and down…30 minutes…you guys are troopers…we love it!!!

Burpees and hills for breakfast! Way to earn your weekend tribe!

We have a special DestinationStation all set to go for the tribe City Hall Monday.


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One Reply to “A King and Queen are crowned”

  1. This is a great shot of the tribe! Congrats to Judy and Tyler on their burpee triumph… Burpees and Hills for breakfast! I feel Great! #Verbal

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