Highest of Fives (NYC)

Wednesday is just one of those days where getting out of bed is a struggle for all of us.  It is the middle of the week, people are already tired of their 9-5 (or more), ready for the weekend, just bleah.  Today was one of those days.  But guess what Wednesday also brings? A baller workout for the ages.

And today, people got HIGH.  Some of those were for the Highest of all High Fives.  People sprung out the gate and we got everyone bouncing early.  Got people getting super high on the bounce.  People love to get high….during the bounce. Who knew?  Today, I saw more smiles that I ever have before.  It was smiles all around. Smiles from the start, playing Nose Goes.  Smiles give sweaty hugs before the workout even started.  Smiles when you found out someone was from the state as you (Did anyone find Alaska?).  Smiles going over that first bridge.  Smiles listening to the Foo Fighters.  Smiles when Ali started to shake it fast.  Show me what you’re working with.  Smiles coming from DC for the first time in a while (We missed you Danny!).  Smiles during the plank tunnel at the end of the workout.  I think we even recruited a few people.  Maybe we had our largest day yet? We will leave that for the critics to debate.


35 strong, to majorly strong minutes of Bridges today got people going this morning.  When you go from Burpees on one side, to pushups and mountain climbers on the other, things start to get aggressive.  Paint crew, lead by Coach, holding it down as always.  Another epic day of painting.  Another series of endless smiles as people were picking up their newly minted #GrassrootsGear.  Beaney and Seb for the photo shoot.  I think we all who takes the best photos. P.S.– the answer is THE TRIBE takes the best photos, especially safari style, or whatever is going on here.


Today, the Positvity Award went to someone who has been coming strong since day 1.  Ali, great catch out there.  Your Instagram has helped people feel the power of the tribe.  The power of what the #PositivityAward is. BOOM.

FRIDAY: 68th and Riverside Blvd.  6:28 a.m.  Bring a fluids to drink.  Going to be hot.  Might rain so don’t bring what you don’t need, we won’t have a covered area for stuff.  #WEATHERPROOF

P.S.– Be prepared for a HUGE announcement on Friday at the workout. Oh and yea it was probably our largest workout yet, until Friday of course!.  Friday, #BringAWestsideFriend

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