Boys and Girls Firedrill (PHL)

This will be short and sweet.  These past couple weeks have been nothing short of remarkable here in Philly and the community has taken notice.  Last week, November Project Philadelphia found its way onto ABC6 news and this week we graced the pages of Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly.  Our hands are sufficiently sore from patting ourselves on the back so we will get back to our normal course of business, namely, ill-timed jokes, racing and strong hugging.  But on a serious note — thank you to all who show up and contribute to our community, while its been said before, the truth exists that Philadelphia is becoming a more connected, friendly, and fit place and the city is taking note.

Onto today’s workout…We split the boys and girls up and did a squat firedrill based on myself ringing the cowbell for the guys and Suzanne sounding the horn for the girls.  Continuous steps and squats are good and make our legs feel happy.  We incorporated hugs and high fives of course.  We painted some #grassrootsgear but will bring the rest on Friday to Franklin Field.

Amanda took down the Hard Hat (again)!  This girl brings the sweat and smiles, works hard and contributes to the group in so many different ways.  Congratulations Amanda!

On Friday we will run for PRs at FRANKLIN FIELD.  If you want your #grassrootsgear, you better show up!

Have a great day!


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