PR Purple Rain (DEN)

Today it rained on the Denver tribe as the season of goodbyes begins. As the end of summer nears, our tribe mates across the country are saying farewell as new schools, careers, and zip codes beckon. Today, on his last day with the 5280 tribe, the positivity award was presented to Dan Janosec. Dan Jan, as we call him here on Capitol Hill, won’t be able to take the oar on a gnarly mountain trek this weekend, as he is driving his car to all coasts of this country, so we gave him the microphone for the blog instead. Dan was one of the growing troupe of Boulder-ites that commute to Denver on a weekly basis solely to contribute to the November Project vibe. This commitment and enthusiasm for the tribe makes the LieutenantGeneral warm and fuzzy inside. Dan is moving from the republic of Boulder to America’s Most Diverse city in 2002, Sacramento, California. Watch out NP_SMF, Dan likes to dance:

Colorado. 300 days of sun? Well it looks like someone miscounted. Storm clouds, cold winds and rain greeted the tribe this morning making us all think we slept through July and woke up in October. Just as you’re about to turn over and slap that snooze button you remember.


As the clock approached 6:15 a small group grew larger with vets and newbies alike huddling together. And just like that the energy was there. Welcoming the rain with yells and sky (mile?) high bounces. The steps were dominated. They pleaded “No more!” and were met with the resounding sounds of stomping feet and slapping hands. PRs were set all over the place. These clovers needed the rain to blossom just like the 5280 tribe. The tribe is strong. The tribe is weatherproof. The tribe is family.

The positivity award was briefly passed from the inconceivably awesome Paul Rohde to some dude and ultimately to the Lieutenant and the General through whom all things are possible.

Thanks for everything Flannel Tribe. You’ll forever have a piece of my heart. Don’t ever stop.

Private Dan-cer, signing off.


Non-Chronological Announcements:

8/1: Skyline Park is our Playground for Friday: Grassy refuge amid Downtown high-rises @ 16th & Arapahoe Street. Bring your core and biceps.

10/19: Sign up TODAY for RnR Denver Marathon or Half Marathon. Use this discount code ROCKNOVPROJECT14 to register online. Prices increase 8/1. Your 5280 tribe is going to bring a party.

8/17: #BetterThanBedtime will be HUGE. Mark your calendars for August 17th. Save the date, tell all of your Denver friends. Tell them what? You will run, you will make party, you will make friends.

9/13: Have you signed up a relay team for the Northface Endurance Challenge yet? Don’t forget, all tribes lead to Madison. This will be unreal.



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