Hi! Five City (DCA)

Today’s blog post comes from #DannyoftheDay, Allison Courtin. She lead the tribe to new heights, new hills, and new friends. Hi! Five city is upon us.

High Five City_01

Let me tell you about the best part of my day – the bounce. THE BOUNCE. Today, I got to see it from a different perspective. Let me explain. Today I was #DannyoftheDay which means I got to take a turn in the middle and do some yelling.  I was the donut hole to your donut, NP_DC, and I fucking loved it. I won’t play it cool. I won’t be coy. Being in the middle was fucking COOL and I liked it A LOT. But I was just there for the ride around me everything going on around me, all 109 of you (yeah I counted), are the reason today was so awesome. 
We met up to get do0own in Rock Creek Park aka HI! Five City. This morning we got a little closer, we said HI, and gave high fives. Get it? Are you pickin’ up what im puttin’ down here? 
H5C – we are changing the name and we are changing the game in this town. DC sometimes gets a bad rap for being unfriendly or for being stuffy. People mostly keep to themselves when they walk around the city, they wear headphones, they talk on the phone – DC is just doin DC. But it’s time to call it. We at November project believe that it’s time for a switch up. We want to lift this city up. We want to make it a friendlier, fitter, happier community. 
High Five City_53
If November Project taught me anything it taught me this. Wake up and look around you. DC is fucking cool and the people, the PEOPLE, are some of the best around. These are the people you want to meet.  These are people who will change your life. Just. Say. HI.
NP_DC, thank you for the bounce today and every day. And thank you for showing me a different side of DC. Let’s spread the love.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: (change of voice, DM comin’ at you now).

SUNDAY: Jefferson Memorial. 5 PM. #BETTERTHANBEDTIME. Pairs of two. This will be epic. Do not miss it. #Raceeverything

The Tribe is really fucking strong. Just wanted to toss that out there.


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