Thank goodness it’s Franklin Field Friday – sure does roll off the tongue, don’t it? Today was simple; we met, we hugged and we pounded bleachers (few even shared a 45lb sandbag for a full tour). Simple, right?

Each week Franklin Field begs us all to challenge ourselves, to see what we are made of, to push ourselves past that threshold of “I can’t go one more step.” And every week the tribe does not disappoint! You feel the burn and the struggle and keep pushing. You acknowledge there is a point where it all feels like it’s going to crumble, then you rise to the occasion and keep climbing. Maybe someone says “good work” maybe you shout out a “fack yeah” maybe it’s a high-five or an easy smile…  maybe it is all coming from within you (you all have it there). Whatever it is that motivates you to keep moving; keep showing up and bringing it!

We applaud each and every one of you who came out to play this morning for being incredibly rad and we cannot wait to hang and get social with y’all on Sunday at

Hype this jawn & and come !


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