Corona Extra

This morning NPSF earned their weekend in impressive fashion. The gang gathered in Corona Heights Park, which, according to Google maps, is a “Busy park with picturesque views.” I’m pretty confident that before this morning that just read “Park with picturesque views.” Andy and Josh threw back some Corona Extra by doing half an hour of extra hills before our workout even started. What are they training for, you ask? Life, man. Life. Paddy made a bunch of people dance off without any actual music. Paddy, I know that you have a constant ‘best of U2’ playlist playing in your head, but no one else can hear that shit. It’s all good though, Stivers killed it regardless. Kid dances to the beat of a different drum, and that drum is all about fanny packs.


I’ve gotta say, the tribe is looking really fucking strong, man. I’m serious, ya’ll are looking fast. Corona Heights Park is a bitch of a hill. It’s actually not even really a hill, it’s just one huge jagged rock cutting up through the asphalt. It’ll kick you in the ass if you’re not ready for it, but damn, ya’ll were ready for it… (When did I start saying ya’ll?)

Thank you, everyone, for your support, and dedication, and consistency, and bad-assery, and so on. You guys are awesome and you motivate us to keep doing what we’re doing.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and see you at 2:00pm on Sunday for BTB 3. Cupid’s Spawn. Don’t miss it!

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