Hey, quick question for ya’

Is that my alarm? Is it time to wake up? Could I pull off a 15 minutes snooze? Should I wear the short shorts or the shorter shorts? Do I have time for a beer? Did I remember my keys? Should I take Pacific or Clay? Can I really hear Sam Livermore from the Financial District? Am I pulling off this hat? Did McCloskey say Gough and Sacramento or Gough and Washington? Is this hill ever going to end? Is there a man sleeping in that pile of trash? Is that the Tribe? Are the numbers down? Where is everyone? Is it Friday? Is it 6:30 am? Did we choose a bad location? Was the tribe still sore from Huffman’s? Did people finally get sick of looking at my white upper man thigh? Is it possible that people don’t actually like getting up at 6:30am to run hills? Where is Laura? Am I going to have to lead this workout alone? Have I seen that girl on Tinder? Is it time to start the workout? Have I been practicing my leadership voice enough? Should I lead everyone up the stairs? Would Kenny Wong and Josh Zipin ever want to, you know, like, hang out, maybe grab a beer sometime? Should I lead the tribe to the center of the park? Do I hear voices? IS THAT F*&$ING FITMOB? Wait, do I know those people? Is THAT where the rest of the tribe was? Do I hear WHAM!? Is that Laura? Are there more than 60 of us now? Is Bill Wheeler wearing shorter shorts than me? Are we going to piss off that boxing club? Does Andy Cochrane ever get tired? How many laps is that? Did I start my watch? Should I yell FIRE DRILL? Did anyone hear me just yell fire drill? Has it been 25 minutes yet? Should we start the finisher tunnel? Should I run through the finisher tunnel? Is it weird if I ask Bill where he got his shorts? Should we take a picture now? Will the newbies come back to us? Do I really have to go to work now? Is November Project the best part of my day? Yes.

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