In these corners of planet Earth, people will stop their game of street hockey when they hear the someone yell CAR! This morning, it meant that we just would let the cars dodge us as we ran up and down the road. If you’re wondering why we were on the road, we’re not even sure yet ourselves. What we do know, is that our main hill was so icy that you could stand still and make it to the bottom of the hill without moving a muscle. Thanks to Jen’s quick thinking, and my terrible memory, we figured that the park road was the best option. I seriously didn’t remember that many cars going to the park that early. Seriously, what were they doing there? Moving on, we’ll find a safer alternative in the future.

I don’t like talking about the music, but I’m going to talk about the music. Someone made a joke about the people who listen to the band that was playing and the activities that take place when these people listen to them. That was at the bottom of the hill. I kept running with this person (because running on your own is no fun), and halfway up, she admitted that she actually liked them. I’m now confused and not sure if she a) considers herself one of those people, or b) listens to them while doing that activity.

Remember when all the November Project Leaders came to Edmonton? If you do, or do not, watch this video.

In other news, Bridge Month is coming to a close, so we will be hosting a “Best of Bridge” day. Monday, we will return to the LRT Bridge that is right here.

 We encourage everyone to run, walk or bike to every workout if possible. If you do that, please try and coordinate with someone so you are not alone. Better yet, recruit someone to join you.


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