Heeeeee’s HEATING UP (DCA)

Or SHE, but whatever, you feel me.

How many November Project workouts have you been to this summer? How many have you been to this week? Are you heating up? Are you ON FIRE?

If we played by rules of an old video game (which is a totally fair way to live), you’d be heating up if you answered: TWO.

Maybe you’ve made it to TWO November Project workouts. Maybe you’ve made it to TWO Wednesdays. Maybe you’ve made it to TWO doubles on a Wednesday. Maybe you just finished your second November Project of the week this morning (cause that’s TWO). Maybe you’ve done TWO full weeks without missing a workout, or TWO full months without missing a workout. I don’t know what your HEATING UP IS.

Again, if we’re still playing the video game, you’d be ON FIRE, if you just made three shots in a row. So, are you ON FIRE? In the game, the ball actually lights on fire as it goes through the net. But what does that mean to you? Are you on your THIRD week, no skips/misses/broken verbals? Are you on a three in a row NP streak? Is this Friday going to be your ON FIRE moment? (You want to #verbal for it now?) I don’t know what your ON FIRE is.

BOOMSHAKALAKA. We didn’t even go there this morning. OR DID WE? Maybe you raced it out harder than you ever have on one of the logs (bottom to top to bottom of Lincoln Memorial) this morning. Maybe you wanted to give your partner a three push-up head start and instead you gave them five and then worked your ass off to catch them. Maybe you were never caught. BOOMSHAKALAKA.

I promise, this is a way to talk about goals. Whatever you’re doing this summer, training for a marathon, training for life, getting off your butt and getting outside, finding running again, making friends, kicking your friends asses. WHATEVER it is. Set some personal goals. Know when you’re heating up. Know when you’re on fire and know when you have your back board shattering boomshakalaka moments. They’re pretty fucking important and so are you. So celebrate them when they happen. WHATEVER they are.


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