Mind Games (YEG)

What mind games do you play when you’re pushing to hit a goal?

What are you telling yourself as you take one more step closer to the top?

What are the noises in your head when your legs are burning and shaking?

I work hard to control that inner voice, to stay positive, to tell myself that I’ve got it. I sing little pump up songs in my head, I count stairs, I pick out targets to get to in certain 10-count…I convince myself that I am stronger then I think I am but like most everyone, I can get into that negative head space.

One of the best parts of an NP workout is when someone interrupts the negative thoughts that can stream through my mind when my legs are tired, my lungs are screaming and I am telling myself that this is just too hard for me this morning. When I am quiet I am probably my own worst enemy because it gives me time to think/remember/brood about how difficult the upper bowl is! When I am cheering you on, encouraging you, and hearing all of you do the same, my mind is occupied, no room for those self-defeating ideas to creep in.

So next time you are crossing paths with a tribemate remember to interrupt their thoughts – those words of encouragement, and a high 5 can go a long way to helping them hit their goal!

See you all Friday at Emily Murphy Hill…Bounce commences at 6AM SHARP!

Until next time…SMILE! J

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