Hat Tricks on Tricks on Tricks

The Wisconsin Notes podcast has been real cute and inspirational lately (Laura, what?!), so here are some Wisconsin notes of our own:

  • Most of you showed up in fun hats
  • Many of you showed up in normal hats
  • We worked HARD in true hat trick* fashion;
    • 3 fountains
    • 3 gardens with 30 side plank curls, 30 push-ups, and 30 walking lunges WITH HELLA GOOD FORM, respectively
    • 3x [3 burpees + 1 PR hill]
    • Capped* off with 3 minutes of burpees.
  • The Wednesday morning Navy crew ventured across the fountain to join us (must’ve been the hats)
  • Bear hugs were exchanged if nothing but for generating warmth on a day that might have rivaled what our Canadian friends have been experiencing since November
  • Arlo kept his cool for announcements

November Project San Diego

I dare you to wear whatever hat you wore this morning out and about this weekend, and see what kind of conversations you strike up. If you do, take a picture, post it on IG, and use #NPSDhattrick.

Happy Wednesday, my loves!

*Even though nobody scored any goals

**Pun intended

November Project San Diego

MONDAY – Meet at Laurel Street in Bankers Hill! Find it in the tracker and drop your verbals.

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