Bail the Boat Workout (IND)

Spring in Indiana?? Well it sure felt like it!!!….yesterday.  This morning, on the other hand, was wet and cold, but that’s why we have our brand new NP buffs right?!?!  Kudos to all those who threw on their slickers and decided to still #justshowup.

The Workout:

The “Chipper Workout” that we have employed before (mainly in our Slumberjack workouts) but since there was so much water we can refer to it as a Bail the Boat workout. Each team of four had a total number of exercises to complete.  However they got through all of them was their choice…all numbers were divisible by 4 so that it could be split evenly should the team want to.  The exercises were as follows:



  • Mother Nature – such a tease. Yesterday, while windy, was a pretty phenomenal 70° day. Now it appears to be back down in the cloudy 40s for the foreseeable future. Bless the Midwest….although it will make those days in March when we hit 60 and sunny just THAT MUCH SWEETER!!
  • We have some fun things coming up with Special Olympics in March!!
    • First is the Polar Plunge at Eagle Creek on March 3rd. NP Indy is going to help with set up and tear down of the event.  So – if you are available on Friday, March 2nd during the day to help set up, please shoot me any email –  Shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours starting at about 10am.
    • March 8th we will be helping spread the group fitness love with the Special Olympics in Johnson Co. We have been asked to help with their Unified Fitness event which is very similar to an NP workout!! Just get together and sweat. They need us to help coach, partner up, and cheer with their athletes as they get their group workout on.  Please let us know if you are available for this.  It will be after work (it’s a Thursday).
  • Friday we will be on the Historic Old Washington St. Pedestrian Bridge right by White River State Park!! Come take in the best view in the city and earn your final weekend in February!!
  • Next week – Race Day!! And it is a literal toss up to see if the weather cooperates to allow us to tag. So – if it is above 39° and not downpouring, we WILL BE TAGGING.  So bring you gear to get grassrooted for race season, beach season, grill season, pool season, or whichever #szn.


Hope you’ve all dried out by now.

Gilly Gilly,

  • Shaw
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