Happy Thursday (Give Thanks Tomorrow Too)

Today is the day where we celebrates being thankful. Some of us spend the day with family while others spend the day with friends. Some people have neither and don’t celebrate very much at all.

Whether today is a giant celebration or not it’s important to remember to be thankful every single day. This year has been amazing, maybe even more than last year, and we are thankful for our members and leaders BEYOND words. The positivity, community, friendships, connections and love that come inside and around the workouts we guide, make us thankful.

What we started as a commitment to training turned into organizing workouts now we find ourselves as community leaders. So, if you’re reading this and are even slightly inspired by November Project we want you to do one thing. Be thankful every single day. It’s just that simple. Again, be thankful every single day. Now, maybe that’s as simple as literally thanking someone who serves you or does something kind along your way. Or maybe it’s as complex as looking at all of the great things in your life and reminding yourself to stay positive on moment to moment basis.

Here’s the tricky part: Don’t just wait for family gatherings and holidays and big dates on the calendar to be thankful as you reflect on the good in the rear view mirror. Be thankful as you open your eyes and start your day tomorrow, be thankful the day after and all next week, so on. Our future is bright and we should be thankful for the good that is waiting ahead.

In this weird world we have one another. Be kind, be active, be a hugger (not a shaker), and race your ass off each time you get a chance. Just be thankful today and tomorrow.

November Project loves you. Happy Thursday.

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3 Replies to “Happy Thursday (Give Thanks Tomorrow Too)”

  1. NP has brought me to a whole new level of gratitude for every early morning, every bead of sweat, every hug, smile and cheer- and everything outside of the world that is now seen through the lens of a much happier individual. Brogan, Bojan, and the entire NP family has inspired me both in workouts and outside of the community to be totally inclusive, kind, and supportive of all my extended “brothers and sisters.” I’m so thankful for that!!

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