Twas The Morning Before Thanksgiving and YEG was Talking To The Hand

by Bojan

“It’s raining”… so what? It’s water, not nails.
“This storm is gonna create a major clusterfuck down East Coast for holiday travelers”… oh well, at least we’re not living in Edmonton (Oooohhh no he ditn).
“My photo didn’t make it into the facebook album”… sit in the front row of the group shot and it will. Unless it’s raining in which case camera stays at home and you can take a selfie.
“BG went to left coast to rub neon spandex with people whose 6:30am comes 3 hours later than yours”… Fuck that guy and his long legs that make him run fast.

The point that I’m trying to make here by gunning down everything that moves is that excuses are lame statements that your brain is trying to fabricate when you’re facing diversity. So kick that excuse in its figurative balls and remember no matter how shitty you think that your particular situation is, it could always be worse.

So be thankful for having an amazing group of friends that even though they’re injured will bike in the rain just to spray-paint your shirt. Be thankful for all those fools that will stand around in freezing temperatures while their nose hairs are turning into icicles just so they can cheer you on while you’re finishing last few sections of the stadium. Be thankful for Edmonton tribe that will always make you feel like shit for bitching about the weather. Be thankful for all the amazing humans that will go out of their way to help you find a job, a place to stay, invite you to a social gathering, or ask you out on a date. Be thankful for YOUR TRIBE as they are the only reason that you don’t make excuses. I know I am.

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! I’ll see you on Friday!

by Danny (Lonely, missing my bromance with Steve)

Gobble, gobble, gobble from the Lincoln Memorial. This week down south where we deep-fry our turkeys we had PR WEEK and a reminder as to why the November Project started. 35 badass racers came out, #weatherproof, to track their progress running “Lincoln Logs,” trying to best last months PR week. Holiday transplants were REPPIN’ in DC today as we had Megan2, Salina, Melly, and Ben making their holiday rounds to the DCA_TRIBE. Also shout out to TJ, highschooler from Alexandria showing up, shorts and t-shirt, and chatting up the older women. Kid’s got game. Also introduced “Log Champ;” whoever runs the most logs during PR week gets crowned log champ of the month and has to wear the top hat during the next three workouts.

Quick serious note: Days like this – when the sun doesn’t rise until after the workouts done, its frigid cold, and the weather channel broadcasts this as snowpocalypse 2.0 – we remember why 2 dudes in Boston made this pack. When you verbal, just show up, say fuck it to the weather, you build something bigger than working out or going out for drinks. You build a community full of smiles, hugs, and awesome tushies.


by Laura

Traveler’s from the east and newbies from the land of Fillmore street came out today to prove their might and strength on PR Wednesday. Frankly (Can I call you Frank?), this surprised the fck out of Laura who honestly envisioned her and Clayton racing each other in Alamo solo while you all prepared for your feasts. So imagine her delight! Pictured above is our pathetic impression of a bird most of us will be eating tomorrow. Although, this is SF, so the meal will probably be tofu burgers with locally grown, organic micro greens, with a gluten-free rice pudding for dessert. Because that’s how we roll. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am thankful for all of YOU! And peanut butter. Incredibly thankful of peanut butter.

by Nadim

There’s no better way to start off your morning than with a race, especially, if you’re a newbie! Jesse was so excited about trying it out, he called in to his favourite radio station to tell them he was driving around town to find someone to hug. Luckily, he stumbled on a set of misfits, known as the November Project. We then made him race up and down the stairs as he set his own PB (it counts if it’s your first). It mixed well with the jam that Owen brought this morning!

The Champ award goes to Billy again for defending his title of fastest to finish 10 sets (30:52). Yes, the youngest person on the stairs is the champ. Race times will be posted tonight along with the photos.

Friday is Jersey day (sports uniform) at Emily Murphy Park!

Was it something I said? Why was everyone telling me to talk to the hand in our photo?

by Dan

Colorado Love. This morning the tribe was greeted by a magical lightshow draped over Denver’s Capitol Building. After our strobe-induced hallucinations subsided, we raced like turkeys for 32-minutes, lapping the Clover circuit. Organized mayhem is how onlookers described the morning scene at Civic Center Amphitheater, as we attacked the stadium seats, traversed from section to section, and sprinted across the promenade. Congrats to Ryan ‘Baby Face’ Wooderson, who threw down 13-laps, #ChallengeAccepted.

The tribe hugged some newbies today, greeted some out-of-towners back for the holiday, and saluted those who broke their verbal promise. Rather than guilt trip those who were absent, the November Project Denver mascot, Lark Bunting, (look it up) will be squawking on your shoulder as you reach in for that second helping of pecan pie tomorrow.

by Jessica

Today was a great day. By 7:30am, the San Diego tribe had already rocked the day. How many people have YOU hugged today? If you got your fine ass to Kate Sessions Park this morning you had 66 friends to hug, sweat and be awesome with. The Final Hump was dominated today! The tribe as whole shaved off 3+ minutes from our overall time and our Plank Challenge PR doubled – we had to cap off our top three bodacious females and single rock-solid male at 11minutes! Ya’ll are are animals!

I couldn’t be more proud of our neon tribespeople today with the exceptional love and generosity demonstrated by the donations for Baby Reefy – because of NPSD this family will hopefully have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be stocked for weeks to come!

Incase you were still in a coma at 6:31, and didn’t notice the slightly taller gentleman bouncing up and down – NP co-founder Brogan brought some East Coast spice to SD this morning (and we’re not just talking about Golide!) It was a blast to have you guys here, get in touch with our roots and get PSYCHED about the future!

Everyone have an epic Thanksgiving – I for one am thankful for ALL OF YOU! See everyone next week!

Ya’ll good San Diego?
Fuck Yeah!

by The G Boys

Our awesome group of 50-60ish people (Daniel Birk Graham didn’t count today) got up despite the stiff wind and snow covered ground and worked their asses off. Probably not as cold as Edmonton but it was easily our coldest of the season thus far. Now it is time to kick back, relax, and enjoy Thanksgiving before getting after it again on Friday!

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