Nothing Black About Our Friday

While half of America is waking up to take advantage of superawesomeintergalactic savings on Megablender 3000 and the flattest 120 inch TV that money can buy we decided to spend our Friday running hills with hundred of our closest friends. And boy did we make a good decision. Workout today was 37.5 minutes on the clock while trying to get as many hills in that time period. Why 37.5 you may ask? Why not 35, or 40? My answer to you is plain and simple – why the fuck not? Glad we talked that one out.

For those of you that are not working today we wish an amazing long weekend. For the less fortunate ones that do have to go to work we wish extremely un-eventful Friday so they feel like their weekend already started. If you’re looking for some at-work entertainment I suggest few websites:

  • The Oatmeal for all of you cartoon lovers.
  • Grantland for all of you sports fans.
  • Or you can just read a book by downloading a kindle app on your desktop. Amazon does a really good job making their reading window look like you have a PDF or a Word doc opened so your boss will never suspect a thing.

You are welcome!

On Monday we’re meeting at Amory Playground in Brookline. All you have to do is run to and back from this location and we’ll take care of the rest. #WeekendEarned

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