Happy Birthday #Raceman. And #News

You guys.  Boston killed it this morning.  #Raceman not only brought us to sweat and tears with the intensity and fierceness of those 4 x 5min sets of all-out, everything-you’ve-got sprints up the stairs, but it 100% induced vomiting this morning and no one died.  Not even Ari.  (Yes, it’s too soon to joke about Ari almost dying, but I just did it.)  #Raceman is one year old today and for those who have been given the gift of running this workout, you know that it tests your physical limits and your mental toughness equally.  It’s not easy to keep sprinting because your body wants to give the fuck up and your mind fluctuates between “what the fuck am I doing?” and “Turning right, I’m a beast, bring on the next contender!” and “I’m definitely going to puke, I should probably stop” and “I love this I hate this I love this I hate this I love this I hate this…”

And the badasses running their faces off through #Robotman3 represented everything good about this tribe over and over again on sections 19-1.  Community, working really fucking hard, and soaking up every bit of positivity, #fuckyeah, and motivation that the tribe has to offer.

At the end, we all met at section 20 for a group photo by photo master dooster pledger man with the camera Chris Capozzi.

The birthday BOOMS get no better than right in the middle of that stadium and they were fucking huge today.


Record your pukes, sections, races, and other cool shit on the tracker.


I’m not sure if anyone got the letter in the mail, or if the telegram has been delivered yet, but Looky here folks: NP was on Good Morning America today!

And behind the scenes with GMA on Facebook: BG and Bojan show up realllll hot around 3:00

And on everyone, everyone’s social media feed who was there in Times Square, the Lincoln memorial steps in DC or NP_Chicago.  Hype the SHIT out of this media win.  Your friends might actually decide it’s time to show up.

Remember… FRIDAY is PRHills. See you there.




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