Terrible Twos AKA Happy Birthday YWG

Wisconsin Notes: We are two years old.  In mind, body and spirit. That’s all you get today, Wisconsin.

January, 2016:

Tom: Did you just verbally commit to getting 200 people to a workout in June?

Rick: I blacked out.  Did I?  Fuck.

Tom: That’s a lot of people.

Rick: Fuck.

Tom: Fuck.

The above conversation pretty much sums up this morning. It was, to be polite, un-fucking-believable. There was more than 250 people at the Forks bouncing this morning. 250. Just look at that number. Two Hundred and Fucking Fifty. Plus. There are literally no proper words that can describe the epic shenanigans that went down this morning, so instead of trying, we will just focus on thanking the several people and organizations who helped make this morning a success and helped get us to this point in our young existence:


Lululemon Polo Park: There is absolutely no question that we would not be where we are today without your unwavering support and enthusiasm for what we are doing.  Bringing out the entire store to cheer and get sweaty, renting DJ equipment and hooking us up with an ILL DJ (huge shoutout to Casey Lanxon AKA DJ Dadbod for spinning an epic set for us this morning), and just generally supporting everything we do – your contributions to our community and the greater Winnipeg community are incredible and we are very grateful for your help and support.


Winnipeg Police Department: For those of you that missed it, a patrol car road by this morning while we were gathering.  I saw the car on it’s way and immediately went in to panic mode.  How could this POSSIBLY end well, with 250+ plus gathering at ass o clock to run around and no doubt cause trouble?  As the cruiser rode by a cheerful voice came over the microphone from the car “Happy Anniversary, November Project!”.  I actually had a tear in my eye at that moment – it was incredible.  An amazing example of community based policing.  Thanks guys!

Colin Jensen: The photos from this morning are some of the best we’ve ever had a workout.  Thanks for your efforts, Colin – you are a rockstar!

Nic Kriellaars: Nic has been secretly showing up to workouts for the last year and is building a huge library of video of our workouts.  You have seen a few of the breathtaking shots Nic has put together and we are so pumped to see what else he comes up with.  Thanks a million, Nic!


Winnipeg Goldeyes and GOLDIE: For a little added flavour we had our very own baseball mascot show up today.  It was awesome to see the tribe hi-five, chest bump, and work out alongside Goldie – thanks to the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club for their continued support!

North Face: This movement needs an engine to help spread the love and continue on our #WorldTakeOver, and we are so glad you are here.


THE ENTIRE TRIBE: The hype leading up to this morning over the last several weeks has been incredible. There is absolutely no way that we would ever come close to hitting 250+, let alone more than 3 crazy dudes bouncing and screaming, if it wasn’t for your enthusiasm, constant recruiting, social media-ness, and general badassery.  Seeing all of you every week is the reason we keep showing up and we are so glad that each and every one of you help to give this tribe a personality of it’s own. There are so many tribe members that have contributed by helping to clean up after work outs, helping to tag shirts, writing blogs, recruiting, helping grow our community on social – it is impossible to thank all of you, but just know that we appreciate you and your kindness has not gone unnoticed.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

The way this community has grown over the last two years is something out of a fairytale.  Watching the tribe grow and branch off to it’s own shenanigans and turn in to a genuine community of wonderful people is beyond our wildest dreams, and we are so excited to watch it continue. Keep being you, Winnipeg.  You make this place pretty great.

Much love,

A one year older and less-wiser November Project Winnipeg

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