Good Morning Alta Plaza

This morning, while a couple tall dudes were on TV, and streaming to your computers and phones, and lighting up Times Square on billboards, a group of 20 people showed up to Alta Plaza at 5:30am and worked out with me. It was awesome and made me happy. I am told a handful of people slept in and went to the late workout at 6:30am, but I couldn’t tell you anything about it because I was already on a very important business call with business people about business stuff. We broke the group into 4 groups of 5 (early gang, that is, broke into groups… not the business people) who then took turns telling their groups which exercises to do while they went and ran stairs. While no one tried to pass off “dance party” or “trust falls” as a workout, I did have to sprint to the playground at one point and go down a side, so that was fun, except I learned that I am way too tall to go down a twisty slide, and I got stuck in the middle. ANYWAYS! Thanks for coming out today all 🙂


> FRIDAY HILLS are at the Sand Ladder at Baker Beach, meet at the bottom

> TAGGING is happening on Monday, be there

> YEARBOOK PHOTOS are being taken next Wednesday, you will not want to miss this



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