Happiness is…

Happiness is Wednesday morning at the stadium.

Happiness is sunlight at the START of the 5:30 group.

Happiness is push-up fire drills while running as many sections as possible in 45 min.

Happiness is celebrating the successes of so many marathon runners.

Happiness is celebrating everyone’s successes for all sections completed.

Happiness is being able to track your sections and keep getting better.

Happiness is perfectly warm air and sunshine on our faces.

Happiness is crazy positive energy…like electric in the stadium.

Happiness is stupid fun Newbie Meetings with like 30 people.

Happiness is gigantic group photos at section 19.

Happiness is shirtless runners, unclothed birthday celebrations, and BOOMS.

Happiness is Positivity Award winners.

Happiness is tags from so many cities on Grassroots Gear.

Happiness is many NP co-leaders’ awesomeness all in one place. (Seriously can’t wait for this he Summit in September y’all).

Happiness is hugs from strangers.

Happiness is hugs from new friends.

Happiness is sweaty hugs.

Happiness is free fitness.

Happiness is a tribe that loves you.

Happiness is knowing you can keep coming back again and again and this becomes your family.

Happiness is epic awesome mornings that fuel you all day long and probably tomorrow too.

Happiness is this Tribe.

Amazing job this morning kids. Let’s do it again real soon.

PS: Happiness is having an awesome co-leader who wrote this blog post on her run from security to the boarding gate at the airport.


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