This or That (IND)

Dannnng son, this morning was so warm and dry! Besides enjoying our #weatherproofedness, the tribe learned a lot about each other. Not excluding that my rap skillz need some work. Sorry, tribe. I will continue to practice in my kitchen.

Cash or CreditCoffee or Tea

Barney or Gumby

Piercings or Tattoos

Cats or Dogs

Catsup or Mustard

Boxers or Briefs

Sweet or Savory

Mountains or Beaches

Creamy or Crunchy

White socks or Black socks

Chocolate or Vanilla

Hakuna Matata or YOLO

Zombies or Vampires

Crap beer or Craft Beer

Fried or Scrambled


Today was Stew’s birthday! The tribe gave him 2 BOOMS, one for each workout.


  • Next week is RACE DAY! Who is gonna throw down the biggest negative split?
    • #Sunrise6k is set for Sunday June 14th at 9am. Meet at the Indiana War Memorial, north stairs. Be prepared to effing race. Bring moola for breakfast. Weird homemade prizes for male and female podium finishers.
    • #NP_IND_PROM is May 6th. Get your date. Get your dress, get your bowtie. Rumor has it Danger and I are trading wardorbes. Danger in a dress? Bobbo in a bowtie? #JustShowUp. There will be romantic speedskaters. No costume = punishment burpees, kidding, maybe…


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