Group Hugs

Yeah, we know you don’t hold hands with your other closest 200 friends that you train with. We also know that you don’t usually get this pumped to #Rise&Shine. We know all of this. We know it because we see it and hear it and even feel it. We see it in every handshake and high-five pre AND post workout. Not a shaker? More of a hugger? Me too. Get after it. Hug your fellow NP member. You’ll feel good about it. They will too.

There is no doubt that today’s “small groups” work on the hill at Summit Ave was a success. Hoping you would push each other while not getting too wrapped up in PR thoughts, we asked to have you stay in groups of 2 to 5 and choose your own adventure. The pace, volume, and vibe was decided by these small groups separate from the massive tribe. Some groups did more, some did less, some went balls to the wall, other continued getting to know the climb. It was very cool to see. We hope you gained confidence and got a few new friends out of today.

The #DestinationDeck…

will be at the Chinatown archway (map below). We’ll see you all running up to meet before our 6:30AM start. Again, run there! The commute isn’t optional, its 2/3 of the workout. If you don’t think that this workout is hard enough – you’re not doing it right! Those of you who can bring a deck please do. We’ll have a collaborative warmup before the cards begin to fly so please don’t be late of you’ll miss out.

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Wednesday 8/22/12

We are looking to shatter any attendance numbers we’ve already posted. We’ve already thrown down the challenge of 300 members in one workout – Yeah, we’ll get legit NP tattoos if/when this day comes. Keep in mind, this means you’ll all need to #RecruitMoreRacers, roughly 2 new per member. We dare you… we double dare you. Consider this your continued homework for the weekend.


Stay on the warpath. Those of you who get on the books with NP for 6 or more workouts will get #FREE shoes from New Balance. Anyone out there with perfect attendance? Go without missing a single workout this month and we’ll throw in $100 to the New Balance store on top of your #FREE shoes. NOW what are your friends saying as excuses for not showing up?

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15 Replies to “Group Hugs”

  1. Oh, and I’m sorry I missed the group hug. If any NPers see me out on the streets during this earned weekend, feel free to reach out and touch me.

  2. I love all members. Love you. With that said, YOU GOTTA GET INTO THE HABIT OF WRITING DOWN YOUR SCORES. We’ll keep them, track them, post them, and brag about them. All you have to do is write them down in a way that we can read them. Please, thankYou, tons of love to this #grassroots #Boston #tribe

  3. Brogan, I wouldn’t be surprised if a page was lost. I finished in 34:21, working with Kelly, trying to keep pace with her, and setting another PR.

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