Fortune Cookie

“Be the tiger who takes on the bear and you’ll be the better man for it. One man is not two beasts unless he’s been near 4 beasts.” Translation: Train every single day. Race hard when you get a chance to race. Race to win/PR. Learn from the races you don’t win. Put in the volume. Put a smile on your face. Meet new faces in Boston every single day. And all will be in balance.

Your Lucky Numbers: 100, 300, 19, 40, 6, & 12.

100+ members showed up this morning under the archway in Chinatown. Couldn’t make it there because your blah, blah hurt? Had to stay in bed because later today you have to blah blah? LAME! The 100 of us who were there had an awesome time even though we developed some sweet back/butt skin raspberries. Plan on having a grass surface for next Monday – #DestinationDeck location will be announced on Friday.

If 300+ members show up on Wednesday – the creators of November Project will be getting commemorative tattoos. Keep recruiting good people and we’ll hit this goal no problem. Can you each bring two more new people for the workout this Wednesday? That’s your assignment. You have 2 days.

19 Sections for “newbies” this Wednesday at the Harvard Stadium. As always, we’ll start at 6:30AM. Because you’re recruiting to break 300, its important to tell “newbies” that they’ll live through this and they’ll only be asked to do 1/2 tour. Unless they’re feeling good/strong/fit/cocky then they’ll go for…

40 Sections, for the rest of the tribe. We’ll run the full tour + 3 extra repeats on section #1. We’re going to setup a cheering section in the bleachers above the last three sections. Once you’re done with your 40/19 you’ll join the cheering squad to help bring in the rest of the group from above and out of the way. Pushing through the pain of 37-40 on your own is a lot less fun than having your closest 299 friends cheering you on to the finish.

6+ workouts in August and you’ll receive #FREE running shoes from New Balance. We have 5 more workouts in August. Anyone out there with perfect attendance? You’ll get $100 to the NB store on top of your new shoes… and tons of props, street cred, and chest bumps (up to 5 chest-bumps #FREE).

12 months a year you will be training with November Project. That’s right. We started November 1st of last year and plan to take it through the winter yet again. We say things like #Rise&Shine, #weatherproof, and #rainorshine because we mean it. Don’t have all-weather running/workout gear? Start thinking of those investments now. You’ll find that nice cool/cold weather gear is worth every penny when the New England winter kicks in. The head games we play as our alarms are going off at the crack of dawn only get harder when you can throw harsh weather as a reason to stay in bed. It could be a good way to spend that Marathon Sports $50 gift card or $100 from New Balance #Rise&Shine #ShineWithBetterGear

Name Work Time
Andrew S Deck 20:50
Derrick S Deck 20:30
Marissa C Deck 20:40
Ashley S Deck 21:51
Lauren K Deck 21:51
Kerry M 1/2 Deck 21:50
Jake O Deck 14:00
Morgan B Deck 17:59
Jason Hitt Deck 20:00
Amanda Deck 28 left
Jessica J 28 left
Emilie M Deck 14 left
Emily N 41 20:00
Scott G Deck 20:00
John P Deck 20:15
Lindsay K Deck 20:15
Neil C Deck 0:00
Christina P Deck 23:00
Rebecca B Deck 21:00
Amanda J Deck 21:00
Bill D Deck 20:00
Matt B Deck 20:00
Nicole P Deck 20:25
Alissa M Deck 20:25
Jake M Deck 20:25
Danielle DH Deck 20:25
Zach W Deck 20:15
Joey K Deck 20:15
Steve C Deck 23:00
Kaylee M Deck 24:00
Lou H Deck 20:15
JC Deck 20:15
Catherine Deck 20:15
Eddie F Deck 18:15
Xiao Yu Deck 22:00
Ali B Deck 21:00
Ryan W Deck 21:00
Kristen S Deck 29:00
Kevin C Deck 21:00
Phill R Deck 30:00
Sarah S Deck 28:00
Holden Deck 27:00
Chelsea T Deck 27:00
Marsha W Deck 26:00
Mieke B Deck 26:00
Cori A Deck 27:00
Luisa M Deck 27:00
Clare S Deck 27:00
Amanda B Deck 27:00
Whitney K Deck 28:00
Kathleen M Deck 28:00
Clint Deck 30:00
Alan Deck 24:00
Dima F Deck 19:00
Hillary B Deck ?
Jess S Deck ?
Pat T Deck ?
Meg Fox Deck ?
Gean Kelly Deck 24:00
Jill S Deck 30:00
Dawn K Deck 30:00
Chuck L Deck 30:00
Micheal S Deck 44:00
Tom VDL Deck ?
Abbey M Deck 32:00
Lexa Walls? Deck 32:00
Mike J Deck 32:00
Amy F Deck 26:00
Nikki C Deck 26:00
Lacey S Deck 26:00
Dillman Deck 28:00
Abby C Deck 28:00
Elin F Deck 20:29
Eli A Deck ?
Laile S Deck ?
Lynn R Deck 20:50
Will M Deck 20:00
Aidan F Deck ?
Hannah B Deck ?
Emily B Deck ?
Jill B Deck ?
Leah Y Deck ?
Tattum H Deck ?
Karlsie Deck ?
Amy E Deck ?
Mieke B Deck ?
Mary W Deck ?
Jennie M Deck ?
Jessica J Deck ?
Ursula L Deck ?
Brad B Deck ?
Jill S Deck ?
Chuck L Deck ?
Clint R Deck ?
Abby Mayer Deck ?
Mike J Deck ?
Kay Miller Deck ?
Mary McG Deck ?
Cody Butt Deck ?
Kristen S Deck ?
Claire Wood Deck ?
Sebastian Deck 20:10
Andrew N Deck 20:28
Max G Deck 20:15
Zhanna D Deck ?
Bojan Deck ?
BG Deck ?
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