Grateful for Another Wonderful Morning (LAX)

The temperatures are starting to drop around the country but it’s still lovely working out in the high 60’s.  Yes folks, we still work out even in the winter months and when you see the temps dipping into the 50’s and maybe even high 40’s (gasp), remember our friends in Edmonton and Chicago and more are crushing those hills in the SNOW ALREADY!

I know that we say that we are #weatherproof and to always #optoutside but there comes a time and place where this isn’t always possible.  Fortunately we have not been as affected by the local fires as our friends up in Northern California.  As you may have heard, The North Face made a decision last night to cancel the races this weekend and allow the local firefighters and police to direct their efforts towards the fires up north. While this may bum some folks out who have trained for their races, I am proud to support such a brand and decision.  This is a time to instead direct all efforts (monetary, physically, emotionally, whatever it may be) to those who are affected.  We are a community that supports one another near and far.  

TNF is allowing runners to defer as well as partake in additional races at a discount.  They are keeping the packet pick up locations open as relief donations drop-offs and are donating the event prize purse to the Camp Fire Evacuation Relief Fund.  They are donating over 1,000 pieces of clothing to the Oroville Hope Center and food will be donated to Sierra Nevada Brewing Company who is currently providing meals to first responders and fire victims. 

There will be another time to race, but in this time, it’s extremely important to watch out for your health, don’t breathe in the harmful smoke if possible, and know that we are here for you if you need it.  It’s always a great day when I start the morning working out with y’all and I’m beyond grateful for our community. 

Do Good LA. 

Friday 11/16 – Tracker HERE (We know that this isn’t working for everyone so location is HERE – just search the Merry Go Round in Griffith Park. 

North Face ECSCA 11/17 – The race has been cancelled and TNF will be donating all of the race prize money as well as clothing and food to those battling the fires up north. NP SF + OAK will still be hosting workouts Friday/Monday morning and there is still an afterparty on Saturday night.  More details HERE

If you are looking for ways to give back and help support those fighting the fires in So Cal, follow this link HERE

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LAX Social Page – Check out the LAX Social Facebook Page herewhere people share free events, make announcements, and give shout outs to other tribe members outside of the workouts.

Fun Fact: California ranks as the state with the most colleges and universities – a whopping 400!!! 

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