Firedrills in Boston (11.14.18)

East coast is the best coast.  Right?  Of course, we say that and believe that in Boston.  But what if today we forget about east coast and west coast, and instead focus on being ONE, single, united community of kind-hearted and invested November Project members?  One tribe of human beings who care about each other and who are committed to fitness and the well-being of themselves and others.

There are wild fires raging in California right now, and our fellow tribe-members on the West Coast are showing up and figuring out ways to continue having workouts — safely — indoors while the air quality is too poor to be outside.  Our good friends at The North Face (who partner with and power November Project) had to make a decision that affected thousands of participants when they cancelled the Endurance Challenge Series California, that was scheduled to happen this weekend.  In the service of keeping safe all those running participants, as well as all the staff, volunteers, and medical/emergency/city personnel who would have been involved, The North Face opted to not hold the races.  And in the effort to invest in the local community, to support the survivors of the damage the wild fires have caused, and to further the good that organizations (see below) are already doing to offer relief.  See the details that The North Face shared to describe their thoughtful and generous actions, and find links for ways you can personally support the relief, if you so choose:

We will also be donating the entire $30,000 event prize purse to Camp Fire Evacuation Relief Fund being facilitated by the North Valley Community Foundation to support fire relief efforts, as well as a donation of over 1,000 pieces of clothing to the Oroville Hope Center who are ensuring that victims of the fire receive clothing and basic needs.

In addition, food and snacks from the event will be donated to Sierra Nevada Brewing Company who is currently providing meals to first responders and fire victims.

Packet pick-up locations and hours will remain as scheduled but will be used for fire relief donation drop-offs that will be delivered to Oroville Hope Center over the weekend. More information on acceptable donation items and packet pick-up locations can be found here.

For more ways to get involved and support fire relief efforts, please visit

excerpt from The North Face Endurance Challenge email, sent to participants of #ECSCA

No matter where we are, we can support.

Over here in Boston, we might be gearing up for the next Nor’easter about to hit us, complete with snow likely, but we can do our best to keep the west coast in our minds and to offer all the support and solidarity we can.  We might have the resources to donate to the camp fire evacuation relief fund, or to make material donations that are specifically needed and asked for by locals who have a finger on the actual needs of the community. 

And even if we don’t have those resources or capacity to donate–Today’s workout on the stairs — #firedrills — was a simple reminder of the interruption that occurs, and the intentional pause of reflection we can have in support of our west coast friends.  The actual fires are disrupting people’s lives in a wide range of ways, and our firedrill cowbell caused an interruption and disruption of the “normal” workout.  It changes up your flow of movement–it often makes it harder to get your work (of running stairs) done, and it certainly challenges your body to do things you don’t typically do while running stairs.  It is by no means an actual representation of the life disruption caused by the smoke and fires themselves, but it is a show of unity, of support, and an opportunity for us to think of our tribe on the west coast. 

Keep changing the world.  We are one tribe and the tribe is strong.


  • FRIDAY: Hill workout on Summit Ave. at Corey Hill Outlook Park.  6:30am.  We will have #celebrityshot coleaders…so show up to support them and see what they have up their sleeves!  Workout happens no matter what, even if it’s raining or snowing or whatever!  #weatherproof #layers
  • MONDAY: Destination Deck workout (with rotating location) will be at the Tufts Library roof.  6:30am  Plan to run there, bike there, or fitness on your way there AND get a killer workout while you’re there.  It’s a #rundeckrun and it’s the best way to start the week.  Map of location is HERE.
  • WE ALWAYS HAVE WORKOUTS MON/WED/FRI.  So even on bad weather days, even on holidays, no matter what!  Don’t question it, just show up.
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