Grand Park Pride (LAX)

Today’s workout was led in Downtown LA by three individuals with lots of energy and a passion for strength work (as evidenced by this morning’s workout) and today’s blog post is written by the wonderful Rachel Goldstein.  Before we dive in, some quick announcements (and obviously expanded at the bottom):

Saturday – Pride Tagging at the Hollywood Bowl B-Lot. 8am.  Bring a white shirt. 

Sunday – Better Than Bedtime.  Meeting at Pan Pacific Park at 6:27pm. 

Alright, take it away Rachel!

It was a little less than four years ago that I came out for my first November Project LA workout.  Orrin was running around with a baby strapped to his back and Angelo was running around with no shirt on.  Typical, really. I had woken up early that morning because I moved to LA knowing almost no one. All of my social connections involved work.  And co-workers required maintaining a safe distance. A lot of things happened in my life right before and right after my move and I needed to find a safe space to work some things out.  I had no idea what I was looking for. But, within a few months, I knew I found a safe space to just be.

November Project let me breathe, and slowly I opened up to a few people about things that had been going on my life.  You guys have now seen me through the huge highs and lows that being a doctor brings. You’ve guided me through break-ups, moves, a stolen laptop, and a ridiculous lawsuit.  And you’ve cheered me on through awards, promotions, and athletic accomplishments. You’ve help me raise a puppy, and you’ve welcomed my siblings and my dad with all of the hugs.  All because November Project is a safe space to just be.

A recent blog post from our Baltimore friends asked us to think about what wearing a rainbow tag means.  Honestly, I love a good rainbow. I love bright colors, the more the merrier. And, I had not truly thought about what wearing a pride tag as a straight, cis-gendered female meant before reading that blog.

My brother is gay.  My family and I knew and accepted this pretty much our entire lives.  But what has impressed me the most was how my parents had created a safe space within our family for him to just be who he was.  My parents have always worked to create safe spaces. And when I moved 3000 miles away from my safe space, you guys all stepped in to fill that void.

So now, to me, this rainbow tag signifies my commitment to contribute to a safe space for all of my tribemates, regardless of race, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or sports team preference (even you, Patriots fans).  I will support you, I will cheer you on, and I will listen to you. Because that’s what it means to be part of a tribe and wear a pride tag.

Thanks for coming out this morning!


North Face Endurance Challenge CA: No more codes but it’s still a sweet weekend away!  Highly recommend signing up.

NP SUMMIT  – September 15th-16th in Wisconsin. CHEESE.  See here for a handy dandy Google Excel Doc w/ more logistics.  Register right here! and use code “NP20” for 20% off. (yes the codes still work for this one…)

SATURDAY 6/9: PRIDE Tags are going down at Saturday Stairs.  Hollywood Bowl (b-Lot parking lot) at 8am.  Come to have fun, run some stairs, and leave with an awesome rainbow tag.  Also recommend a great read about repping that rainbow HERE!
>> Fun addition is the CHEER event for the ALC Finish.  Facebook information HERE!

SUNDAY 6/10: Better than Bedtime.  Want to go for a fun run with all your current and new NP buddies?  How about hanging out with each other OUTSIDE of morning hours?  Meet us at Pan Pacific Park at 6:27PM and dress in your favorite colors or rock that brand new Pride Tag.  ** BRING YOUR I.D. as we are ending the route at a drinking establishment ** Facebook Event HERE.

Fun Fact:  LA City Hall’s concrete contains the sand from each of California’s 58 counties.

Do Good LA. 

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