#NationalRedDay VB

Once upon a time, a ginger named Red, called upon the people of Virginia Beach to join him at the summit of Trash Hill for some free fitness. Three plus years and thousands of exercises later, the man, the myth, the legend has led his final workout. John may be returning to the “other side” but he will ALWAYS be our leader!

Your people have spoken….


So January 14, 2015 was when I first showed up. Red introduced himself and what he was trying to accomplish. I didn’t know that more I would #JustShowUp to a life changing movement. Just by Red showing me the embodiment of what NP stands for on that first cold, rainy, dark morning, and every Wednesday, I’ve been inspired to keep the momentum going. Red you’ve paved the way and set the bar to what excellent leadership is, gonna miss your hyped bounces and sending much love as we usher in….

The next chapter of NP VB. 


From day one I always felt welcomed. I never felt left out the way someone like me would be in just about any other similar circumstance. NP has never felt clique-ish and John was one of the biggest reasons why. He truly welcomed everyone and made everyone feel they belonged. He’s a great motivator, picture-taker, and friend.


John has a big personality and an infections attitude. It’s no wonder why NP_VB is strong and growing.


“You’re weird af….you make things weird af….your voice cracks when you yell and that’s my favorite part 😆 thank you for the bounces and the weirdness and the fun and your time! It’s been real…af”

Angie P:

Thank you for all you did for us. Even when I don’t feel like I can do something or fit in with the elite runners your smile and comments would always assure me that I was doing my best and that was good enough. That is something I will always cherish and could not thank you enough for.


As much as I rarely came to NP, I can’t thank you enough John for all that you do for everyone at NP. You are hilarious, dude! It’s awesome to see how big NP in VB is getting! You have a great leadership energy about you and I’m happy you have some amazing co leaders like B and Jill!


I will be forever grateful that you decided to show the beach what ‘just show up’ meant 3.5 years ago! You’ve created a tribe and memories that have made such a larger impact on mine and many other lives than you’ll probably ever realize. From Hell Week, the Crate Escape, NP Bus Takeover to every epic bounce and Mt Trashmore hill sprint you pushed the tribe to bring the energy and be the definition of #thisshitisgood. Thank you John!


Miss you guys! Thanks for keeping a girl motivated even all the way across the country!


November Project VB has been such a positive influence on my life. Part of that has been John/Red as co-leader. He has always made me feel welcomed and noticed. I say noticed because when you are with a large group of people, it’s easily understandable that not everyone is going to remember your name or details about you. However with John (and our current leaders, Jill and Bernard), they have made me feel welcomed both as an individual and as part of the tribe.

John has always been encouraging, despite me missing some days or not being the fittest person in the tribe. He has consistently been supportive and encouraging, and not only to me, but to all other NP VB tribe members. I truly wish him all the best and will always be grateful that his leadership has been one of the many aspects that has kept me coming back for more with NP VB.


I did not know what to think. My first NP Barry and Red, bouncing and yelling fuck yeah. And I came back, week after week. I’m so glad he brought NP here. It changed my life. Sorry to see him go. What an amazing legacy…#fuckyeah

Jenn B:

So, 2 “stories” which were prob more funny if you were there… but 1. When John was rushing down the hill to take a double jens pic and totally slipped and slid down the muddy hill…. and 2. When we had the NP movie viewing party @ Bottlecraft and he and Barry said we could ask anything. Rachel was with me and she asked them when they lost their virginity. John was BRIGHT red and basically had a nervous giggle. 😂😂😂


John, thank you for what you have built here in Virginia Beach. There are challenging workouts and there are fun workouts; while these two concepts are not mutually exclusive – formulating a way to consistently combine both is much easier said than done. You have found a way to successfully bring both of these factors time and time again to the NP_VB tribe. Again, thank you!! Looking forward to lining up next to you on PR day 😘-Jeremy


I’ll never forget showing up at the top of the stairs to check in the J&A folks when the team showed up to fill the stairs.  You met me at the top of the stairs and said … Hi, I like hugs…. from that moment I knew…. this is my kind of place.  Thank you John for embracing my fear from day one and making me feel like I belonged at November Project.  This group has rocked my world and I will be forever grateful.


John, you have changed so many of us for the better with your leadership, dedication and love for growing this community and we are forever thankful. We are sad to see you step down from leadership but are excited to be able to hang with you as friends and definitely as workout partners  on top of trash mountain, and everywhere else that NP takes us! Enjoy your retirement old man! Karl


I never knew that I would come to love waking up so dang early every Wednesday morning. Rain or shine, John was there to bring the energy and fire it up. My favorite thing about him is his sense of humor, whenever something is SO GOOD! he just gets this huge grin on his face. His passion for NP, for us, is written all over him – in more ways than just spray paint. 

NP VB will always be home for you John!! Thank you for #justshowingup and being an awesome leader. We’re glad you’re here! Love ya!


I gotta say, NP Thanksgiving Football. John was super hype and intense on our team, this football game was the real deal. He kept talking it up to all of us, strategy, what we should do. He was the QB and once we started he threw I 3 maybe 4 interceptions ?! And after every one was just laughter. Because of course John would do that. It’s just such a fun memory to sum up him and NP in a nutshell, intense and in your face but all while laughing.


John, without you literally none of us we be out here. You started something great and we’re happy to continue the movement. Thanks for bringing your energy every morning and introducing me to friends I would have never met otherwise!


From the day we met ‘TAKE THE TURNS FAST!!’

Emily S:

So John is basically the reason I’ve stayed in Virginia Beach, in a way.   In 2016 I was really unsure of why I was even in this area, with barely any friends at the time it didn’t feel like home.  Since meeting him in 2016 he helped make me feel super welcome and connected by introducing me to November Project which gave my my family away from home.  He’s been a great friend and will surely be missed in Leadership.


Before I even knew what November Project was I met John through Lululemon. I really credit him with bringing #freefitness to this area. After meeting him I didn’t #justshowup for NP I showed up to support him because I knew he was ‘doing it’ for the right reasons. Proud to call him a friend and appreciate what he has done for the community.


Thanks John for introducing me to NP after a drunk night at chicks! We’ll always be friends so you can’t retire from meeee!


“Thank you John for starting a movement and a space where anyone can just show up! You’ve brought so much good vibes and energy each week and have given people a reason to come back week after week and be weatherproof. You’ve helped make the VB (and Norfolk!) community better! Now you get to enjoy the view from the back of the bounce 😂”


Aww Red!!! My favorite memory is definitely squeezing 4 of us  into a 2 person photo booth 🙂 photos that will last a lifetime! I also don’t think I can thank him enough for the NP race code for shamrock to get to represent NP_VB!


I remember the very first time I asked you about November Project. I asked you if I would throw up and you told me I’d have to show up and find out. I was curious, but skeptical. Nervous, but excited. But I decided to show up anyway. Not gonna lie, I showed up for the promise of a free North Face jacket, with no expectations other than a challenging workout with a sweet prize at the end. After the first day, I knew I’d be hooked. The energy, the positivity, the challenge…I loved it all. Fast forward a year and a half later, after countless workouts, dozens of new friends, a few epic cheer stations, four traverbals, and one unforgettable Summit, and I literally can’t imagine my life without NP. And I have YOU to thank for that! Thank you building this amazing community from the ground up and for pouring your heart and soul into all things NPVB for the past 3+ years. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone physically and encouraging me when I doubted myself. Although it will never be the same without you, thank you for trusting Bernard to help carry on the tribe in your absence. He is as honored as he is excited about the opportunity. I know stepping down is bittersweet, but you could not have picked two better co-leaders to keep the tribe going strong. I’m so excited about this next chapter for you (wedding? babies? a lab named Tugboat? 😃) and for NPVB. I hope you’ll be around for many more workouts and maybe a few Chick’s socials. 

I’m glad you’re here.


You will be missed so much! Thank you for all the great memories and for making me feel welcome even though I’m younger than most of the tribe members. You have truly started something amazing here and I’m so glad that I get to continue to be a part of it! Can’t wait to workout alongside you! – Marleigh 

Sam E:

Three summers ago, Amory convinced me to come out to November Project and I have no regrets as I have never seen such a motivated, positive group of people at 6:15am (I’ve only ever had experience with my cross country team that complains the whole time). But most of all, I have never met someone so energetic and passionate about what they do. Thank you for all the fun workouts, the great atmosphere, and thank you for bringing NP to Virginia Beach, man.

Jillian H:

John- You’ve changed our lives and changed our marriage! NP VB has given us an activity that we love to do together. We will be forever grateful for all that you’ve done to create this incredible tribe. Thank you, Jillian & Joe H


Hi! Thank you for putting this together! I’m still kinda new I don’t have any funny stories. I am just eternaly grateful to John for starting the VB tribe. My life has become so much more awesome since I started coming to NPVB. I know it takes a lot of work and dedication to get a tribe started and I feel incredibly lucky to have one in my city. So just a great big thank you!

Old Soul Nicole:

Red, you are one of the most happy go lucky people I know, it may have something to do with your Irish heritage…I’m gonna miss your bounces the most, but I know B-NARD is gonna hold it down for you. As for workouts, Jill has got it in the bag! You’ll always be a part of the tribe. Much love! 


During the rock n roll dc half marathon in March I was struggling  after that terrible Calvert Hill at mile 7.  I was not having fun.  I wasn’t enjoying my race.  The np cheer station wasn’t even rallying me.  And then John came up behind me out of nowhere. He cracked some joke, made me laugh, and had that huge smile and was beaming that crazy red energy we all love.  I didn’t even know he was there.  And he ran about a block with me.  His energy ramped me back up.  And his quick feet got my feet back under me.  Seriously.  That block was everything and I’m not sure I would have managed that birthday race PR without it.  


NP has done more for me and others than you can think, but that’s for a separate post. The reason I’m able to run around a mountain of trash and hug strangers all while having a great time is because of my boy, Red. He built something that we are all proud to be a part of. I thank you; we all thank you. You should be happy and proud of what you’ve created here in Virginia Beach. I can only hope to keep riding the wave, brother. Thanks for believing in the tribe, and especially me to carry on as you step down. But don’t worry, homie. We got this! Cheers!

Ultra Crazy Jill:

Sometimes you just have to do something crazy, something that scares the shit out of you. For me, it was to #justshowup that first day. The ginger at the top of the stairs hugged me and upon hearing “I’m glad you’re here” I was hooked. Red, you have created a community of humans who’s lives are forever changed & ultimately better for having you in them. Thanks for always putting up with my heckling, answering my litany of questions about NP, and most of all for trusting me with your tribe!  You’re my hero…boss!

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