Important Info for June in Boston

Hey Tribe!

There’s some stuff going on in June, and while we love hollering at you at the end of workouts, we’re pretty certain that you don’t hear, listen, or remember everything–you know, because you were working out so hard and your brains are tired.  So this blog is dedicated to Important Shit you NEED to know if you want to survive June with November Project in Boston.  Ready? Read carefully!

EVERY FRIDAY is #IndianaJunes.  Which means we are still showing up at the top of Summit Ave., just like usual, and the workout we’re crushing like badass hill-loving runner humans is called Indiana Jones.  If you’ve never run it, ask anyone who’s dared to give it a go in the first two weeks, and you’ll find out that while it absolutely will kick your ass, you’ll also end up loving it in that perfect love-hate-but-really-love kind of way.  And there are still people who don’t know about this or haven’t experienced it for themselves.  Make sure they know, and bring them along.  We still have 6/15, 6/22, and 6/29 left.

THIS WEEKEND, JUNE 9-10 is The North Face Endurance Challenge Series race at Mt. Wachusett, MA.  Everyone who is racing a distance between 5k and 50miles is going to have the time of their lives and everyone else on the planet is invited to show up at the mountain, ride the (free) chair lift up and down, cheer for racers, and also have the time of their lives.  Basically, come have the time of your life.  The event website is here, so you know where to go and what time races are happening.

MONDAY DESTINATION DECK, June 11 is outside the Josiah Quincy School in the Chinatown/Theater district area of Boston.  Google map that location right HERE or click on the map of the location down here…

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20 is YEARBOOK PHOTO day.  We do this from time to time to put a photo of every face at NP into an album, which allows you to see everyone else and their name after they tag themselves in their photo.  It’s one way we get better at learning and knowing each other’s names, and it’s truly the best way to hype up on social media how wicked awesome it is that you get up early, sweat and bust your butt with the tribe, and start your days with positivity, fitness, and community. Your one job between now and June 20th is to make sure that everyone who has ever attended NP Boston knows it’s Yearbook Photo day.  Go message at least 4 people right now.  If they all already know about it, go message more people until you’ve found at least one who didn’t know about it yet.  Spread the word.

SATURDAY, JUNE 23 is the next NP social event.  It’ll involve some running & fitness, and it will also include some serious socializing.  YOU. DON’T. WANT. TO. MISS. THIS.  We’ve waited a while since our last one, and this won’t disappoint.  Plan for Saturday late afternoon through the evening hours.  Plan for excitement and adventure.  Plan for fun and fun times.  Plan for good times and great people.  Or don’t plan for anything and then plan for FOMO out your ears.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27 is #PRday and #GrassrootsGear tagging.  We do this every single month, and yet people still show up surprised and say, “I didn’t know it was PR day” or “I didn’t know we were supposed to bring shirts todayyyyyyy…” Don’t be that person.  Don’t be surprised.  Go get a watch to time yourself on PR day.  Go find a shirt you want tagged.  Get ready, the last Wed of the month will be here before you know it.

THURSDAY, JUNE 28 all yearbook photos will drop live to the interwebs via the NP Boston Facebook page.

Ok, that’s all for now.

Have a great weekend–be safe and cheer loudly.  And out on those trails, let’s be the kindest, most supportive humans out there.  Boom.

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