Good old hard work

When I hear stories about “old school” NP, it always involves some legendary story about the hardest workout ever, the ones that totally kicked our asses and yet inspired us to want to do it again, because we knew we’d be fitter, faster, or just better because of it.

Today’s #destinationdeck was one of those good old hard workouts, filled with shit they made our muscles burn, made our clothes dirty from the ground, and made us happy we showed up.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we did an EMOM workout. Every Minute On the Minute, we did a set number of reps, for 5 minutes on each exercise. Burpees, squats, push-ups, and V-ups. There’s nothing like 5 minutes (with a few seconds of rest thrown in there) of squats to make your quads and glutes scream, or 5 minutes of push-ups to remind you that push-ups are never, ever, ever easy–especially when you only had 12 seconds of rest since your last set.

It’s good to be reminded that workouts are hard, and that we can find the right level for us, then work our asses off and make no excuses, because when we do, we are often surprised at what we accomplish. Dirty, sweaty, and tired, we did it.

Every Monday of May #destiMAYtiondeck we’re hosting these good old hard workouts and your job is to show up. Bring your friends, bring your stadium acquaintances, and bring your hill-running buddies. Hard work isn’t just for Wednesdays and Fridays. Spread the word. You DO get rewarded when you recruit this month!!

RECRUIT NOW FOR MONDAY: Next Monday is at Library Park, behind the public library on Harvard St. in Allston.

REMEMBER Endurance Challenge Series Massachusetts (ECSMA) is coming in 4 weeks and there’s still time to register a relay team, sign up for the marathon, commit to the 10k or even the half-marathon. All NP members get 20% off registration cost–use code NP20. But don’t wait any longer to signup.

FUN TIMES WED EVENING: this week, on Wednesday evening, trail running legend Rob Krar will be at The North Face store on Newbury St. and then leading a run to a social–with food and beers (for FREE)–just sign up now using this link. 7-10pm

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