To Britain,

We’re happy you’ve come to terms with the whole war thing and that we can be friends. With your posh accents and your terribly starchy and yet so indulging food, we are more than happy to be BFF’s on the playground.

Today, we welcomed you into our home at the Hollywood Bowl with some newscasters from the motherland. Bringing out my own heritage it was beyond amazing to see my two worlds collide and share them with this crazy thing called November Project.

Pip brought her a game to the workout and though she was f-ing and blinding she gave it her all with the workout throwing herself amongst all you amazing people!

There was a comparison that was brought up and the social stigma of Brits having a tendency to be a little more closed off. After reflection I realize this can be the case in so many different cities, countries, small towns, house holds ect. but ultimately it’s up to the indvidual person to want that happier change. In some ways we were questioned as to why we are so chipper, why we are so positive, why we decide to put fitness first and it all boils down to “we decide to”. We want a change in our lives so therefore we make it. We #justshowup. We have the opportunity to reflect and see where we are lacking being present and once we recognize that we can just show up. We can just show up to our husbands, to our kids, to our friends, to our moms, to our ex girlfriends and recognize everyone as a human being who deserves an amount of love, happiness and health in their life.

God Save the Queen and thank you for the reflection,


Oprah Winfrey



FRIDAY- BEACHtober- Meet at the head of the Santa Monica Pier at the “Sports Fishing Sign” for our 2 of 5 Friday Beachtober workout at 6:27am!


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