I’ll admit I was a little bit apprehensive heading in to this mornings Lumberjack Games.  We try to bring the weird on the regular every single Wednesday morning – but had we gone to far this time?  Are we really going to ask more than 100 grown humans to not only dress like Lumberjacks at 6 am, but to slowly waltz with each other to the classic Log Drivers Waltz?  Roll around together on a dewy lawn doing half pushups on each others ankles?

Yes, yes, of course we are…  And my oh my – Winnipeg you surpassed my wildest expectations.  I can say with complete confidence that in the almost year and a half since we’ve started meeting on Wednesday mornings, the enthusiasm, energy, laughter, and positivity that you all brought today was by far the biggest and brightest, and it was an absolute pleasure to witness. Watching everyone try to complete the ridiculous tasks we asked of you this morning, it really felt like we were back on the playground in grade school, a seemingly never ending recess filled with joyous screaming and utter nonsense.  It felt good – really good.

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I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to the two winners of todays Lumberjack Games.  While you won’t ever find us giving prizes for the fastest or the strongest at November Project, we are more than happy to reward positivity, infectious smiles and a great pair of suspenders.  How fitting that of todays winners, we have representation from both a seasoned, long time tribe member and a brand new tribe member, attending just her second NP workout.  David is a warrior every single Wednesday morning and has been for a while – that point driven home even more today by the fact that he did the entire workout in steel toed boots – well played sir, well played.  Renee on the other hand (sorry if I spelled your name wrong – she’s new!) attended her first workout last week and has made a huge impact already – splashing in this morning in bright plaid with an incredible homemade Husqvarna chainsaw.  She certainly knows how to make an impact and we expect BIG things from this new tribe member.  No pressure.


Finally, to our well deserving Positivity Award winner.  Michael joined the ranks of the tribe in the spring, but it certainly feels like he has been around for a lot longer.  He is incredibly helpful, shows up every single Wednesday, and brings his A game no matter what the conditions or time of day.  He pumps up the tribe on social better than anyone, and is an all around stand up dude.  So happy to finally be able to throw the stick your way, Michael – keep shining bright!

If you haven’t yet, please log on to the November Project Tracker so you can sign in, let us know you were there today, and sign the waiver.  Once you’ve signed the waiver once you’re good for life, and it will help to make sure that we can keep bringing this amazing group together every week from now until forever.  Thanks a million!

Much Love,

NP Winnipeg

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